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explain why is important to establish roles and responsibilities for provividing support in care

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2012-11-24 21:39:14
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Q: Why is it important to establish roles and responsibilities for providing support for the elderly?
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What is an example of government as a social institution?

Providing basic care for the unemployed, the sick and the elderly.

One purpose of the Social Security Act was to?

establish a national pension for the elderly and dependent mothers and children

How important is it for the elderly to exercise?

I think it is very important for the elderly to exercise,because the older you get the more brittle your bones get,so I think it's a great idea for the elderly to get a healthy work out plan to stay fit.

How do you establish consent for an action in care?

You can establish consent for an action in care for an elderly parent by signing a consent form for the parent to be taken to a nursing home for care until death.

Why is routine important to provide a safe environment for elderly and disabled?

Why is routine improtant to provide a safe enviroemt for elderly and disabled

What is important when drawing blood from an elderly patient?

phlebotomy technician

Which program created during president Johnson administration focuses on providing health coverage to the elderly?

Medicare is the name of the health plan for the elderly. It was created under Lyndon Johnson in 1965.

Why grandparents are important?

There important because the elderly know more than us and has had life expieriences.

Why is temperature important in a child or elderly?

so you will know if a person is sick or not!

Why is it important for the elderly to take flu shot?

It is because people's immunity system weakens with age, so the elderly can catch flus easily.

How is constipation diagnosed in the elderly?

Physical and psychological assessments and a detailed history of bowel habits are especially important when an elderly person complains of constipation.

What is the most important factor to consider when planning meals for elderly people?


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