Why is it important to have multicultural students on college campus?

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For several reasons. For example, every nation has its own "Know-how" so you can learn how to do one thing differently :) Another reason could be to be able to work with anybody
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How many freshman students live on campus?

This academic year, the last remaining dormitories in the Sterling Law Buildings disappeared. On-campus housing for law students has been gradually, but steadily, dwindling for the past several years. Last year, there were only 23 beds, down from 56 in 2004 and 154 in 1994. But not since the Law Sch ( Full Answer )

What is the largest college campus in the us?

Land: The largest "contiguous" college campus is Berry College in Rome, GA with over 26,000 acres connecting a lower campus and mountain campus. Enrollment - 1,795 students. . Enrollment: The largest college campus by enrollment is Ohio State University. Enrollment - 53,715 students in 2008-2009 ( Full Answer )

Most dangerous college campus?

It would have to be located in New York..... From what I've seen, LIU Brooklyn(smack in the middle of Fort Greene, blocks away from BedStuy...I almost got robbed over there), Columbia in NYC is pretty bad, but pretty much anything in the Bronx including Fordham..just stay away from the city unless y ( Full Answer )

What is the second largest college campus?

The second largest campus size school is Texas Tech University. Sorry, that person next to me has no idea what he's talking about. The second largest campus in the United States is Duke University's. It's about 7 times TTU's size..

Approximately 5 out of every 10 students at Kendra's college live on campus The college has 5000 students How many of them live on campus?

5 out of 10 students. 50 out of 100. 500 out of 1000. 500 x 5 = 2500. 1000 x 5 = 5000. 2500 students live on campus. You shoud check out. www.Howsyourhousing.com. How's your Housing is a socio-academic utility that helps college students make educated decisions about where to live. By com ( Full Answer )

What college has a campus in Salina Kansas?

Four colleges have a campus in Salina: Brown Mackie, Kansas State University, Kansas Wesleyan University, and the newly formed Salina Area Technical College.

Are on-line colleges as good as on-campus colleges?

Well, I would say yes. I have only good things to say about online colleges. As a stay at home mom it has been nothing short of a blessing for me. I can now graduate inspite of being at home looking after my two little children. Online education offers you a flexibility that cannot be found with a t ( Full Answer )

What are the importances of computer to college students?

As a student myself at college . Computers mean a lot to me, I use the computer to type up all my work for when corrections come back they're easy and faster to correct, I'm able to use the internet to research and the computer to program as part of one of my A-Levels. Computers are also a great wa ( Full Answer )

What are Advantages and disadvantages of cellphones in college campus?

Advantages : . ease of communication . able to contact missing children, friends, parents . students can access internet on suitable phones . Disadvantages . students can access internet at inappropriate times, eg, during examinations . ring tones can interrupt quiet times . students can ( Full Answer )

Why should students have open campus lunch?

yes because it gives the middle school kids the choice of what to eat and you can save money because you can get more food for $2 than at school . what if these kids have allergies or are a vegetarian?? there bodys could get hurt by what they eat and im my experience i have a friend who is allergic ( Full Answer )

Why grooming is importance for college student?

Because it is critical to your professional look and the way others within the workforce perceive you (no matter what your profession is). Perception is critical not only as to the way others perceive you within your workplace, but to the customers, clients, etc., you serve. When do you start practi ( Full Answer )

What do UCLA students do on campus for fun?

What do you think? How is UCLA different from any other school? Like all college students they do whatever they want. It depends on if your a looser in colllege or if your really social. Lets just say, you can never get bored.

Why is multiculturalism important for society?

I believe multiculturism is good for society because it helps break down many barriers between different ethnic groups. Think about it this way, if we eat Chinese food for example and enjoy it, we have been exposed to an element of another ethnic group. Meeting and appreciating people of other cultu ( Full Answer )

Why is the library important to college students?

All of this material provides information about malay traditional kueh. It contain recipes "kuih muih talam" including "kuih lapis" and also "kuih seri muka" that can be learned easily. It is also provides instruction and show on how to cook step by step. All recipes are able to attract the user to ( Full Answer )

Who started students for concealed carry on campus?

Chris Brown, a political science major at the University of North Texas, started Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) in the week immediately following the April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech Massacre. Mr. Brown ran the organization by himself for about two months (until mid-June 2007), until it ( Full Answer )

Is a university a college or campus?

Typically, both universities and colleges are located on what is referred to as campuses. A university, is usually an institution that is made up of a number of schools or colleges. In other words, a university might be made up of a school of business, school of engineering, school of health related ( Full Answer )

Why is multicultural education important?

multicultural education is important because it promotes interaction of race,gender and culture in identity formation of the individual.

What is multicultural students?

The ultimate mission of the Office of Multicultural Student Development Services (MSDS) is to create and environment at Florida Gulf Coast University that embraces individual differences, sustains inclusions, and cultivates a campus atmosphere that is free from biases. In the spirit of inclusive edu ( Full Answer )

What is the best college campus in Indiana?

Indiana University!! But I prefer going to..... The University of Toledo in Ohio there are many job majors that will make you like a billionaire!!! like bill gates (successful) For colleges and universities within the United States and its territories, you can obtain this information b ( Full Answer )

What is a good community college campus at?

Most every county in every state has a community college or equivalent. I would suggest you look into your home county community college first.

Reasons of college students who enter college campus yet do not attend classes?

Some reasons for college student failure and not attending classes may include: . No vision . Some students do not have a clearly articulated picture of the future they intend to create for themselves. Thus, they may take programs of study without a clear career goal or objective. In essence, they ( Full Answer )

Is it important for college students to get part time jobs?

nope, you don't need it unless you don't have anymore money And also, some schools may even forbidden students to have part time jobs. However, having a part time job during your college life would also be an experience that may come in handy later in life.

How many students are admitted to the paramedic program at Trillium College located at the Burlington Ontario campus?

aparently they take between 30-40 students. im applying for the 2011 September start i have my aptitude test this weekend. but im getting cold fet reading all the reviews of the college on the internet. lots of ppl say its a waste of money and to me that's a lot of money to waste. im trying to find ( Full Answer )

What other colleges are on Morehouse college campus?

There aren't any colleges on the Morehouse Campus but there are other colleges nearby its campus. Morehouse is located in the Atlanta University Center(AUC) which includes other nearby colleges such as Clark Atlanta University , Spellman College , & Morris Brown College .

Can officers carry a weapon on college campus?

Yes, they can as long as it's not a private college on or off duty they are protected by the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004 (LEOSA). If it is a private college they must get permission from the administers and if there asked to take it off they have to do so.

What longboards are good for a college campus?

A longboard that is comfortable on your feet and easy to push along. I suggest the carbon mummy because it' a good board for it. It is comfortable, easy to push, and on it you can weave inbetween people and avoid obstacles with ease.

Where is the sierrra college campus located?

Sierra College is a community college based in Placer and Nevada counties in California. There are four campuses where you can study. They are located in Rockland, Grass Valley, Roseland and Truckee.

Where do most students live on college campus?

if you live on college campus you live in dorms. That is a room with 2 beds and some clothing space. You usaully live with1 person too. (which is why you have 2 beds). But some kids live with their parents or even in apartments.

What university has a college on its campus?

There are thousands of universities around the world that are built from several colleges. Each will have one or more colleges on at least one campus.

Does being a on campus student intramural supervisor job help after college?

No, not really. Even though you are gaining work experience, working a job like this will be look upon like any other meaningless part time job like being a waiter/waitress, working at a fast food restaurant or at the local Wal Mart. In the "real" world, professional companies only care about profes ( Full Answer )

Where is the Carson Newman College campus located?

The Carson-Newman College campus is located in Jefferson City, Tennessee. The College was established in 1851 as the Mossy Creek Missionary Baptist Seminary. It now has over 5000 students and offers ninety academic programs.

Where is the main campus of the Randolph College?

Randolph College is located in Lynchburg, Virginia in the United States. It is a private, coeducational liberal arts college that offers a variety of classes to its students.

Does UPS offer college campus shipping?

UPS does offer college campus shipping. Whether you have a college address or a residential or business address you must follow the rules and guidelines of USP.