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if you put a septic tank down, in the wrong spot youll be drinking something you shouldnt be drinking.


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Because what happens if sombody came to fix the tank and you don't know were it is and its better to remember about the tank

To make it safe to drink or potable.

One should find out several different things before deciding to a buy piece of fine art. The most important are to find out the authenticity of the item as well as how old it is.

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Most athletes prefer to not eat before exercising. Though drinking fluids is often important before and during exercise.

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Water quality before recycling may vary. After it is recycled for drinking then it is drinking water, potable, and fit to drink.

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wow. because if you dont process it before drinking it there may be some things in it that you dont wanna drink..haha

There has been a lot of research showing that drinking a glass of water before sleeping is good for you health.

That really depends on the person. Different people have differing digestion rates, so it's important to monitor how you feel after drinking something. If you are drinking caffeinated beverages, it is better to drink them early in the day, as the later you ingest caffeine, the longer it will affect you. This also includes drinking juices, milk, and soda.

before prohibition men were drinking in saloons

Mecca was an important city for Arabs on the Arabian peninsula, before Islam because it was a worship place for them.

Can you fail a breathalizer test drinking douls the day before the test

Because before then you have no experience and drinking only makes it worse.

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