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Q: Why is it important to learn about afterlife for islam and judaism?
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Why do you learn about Moses?

You learn about Moses if you hold religious beliefs in any of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity or Islam). Otherwise there is no reason for you to learn about Moses.

Why do Muslims believe that it is important for their children to learn about Islam?

A Muslim must learn Islam so that he may lead his life according to the teachings of Islam.

Where can one learn about Judaism 101?

You can learn about Judaism 101 online from the Jew FAQ website. You can also find information pertaining to Judaism 101 online from the About website subcategory Judaism.

What people were permitted to learn in Judaism?

Every Jew is permitted to learn the teaching of Judaism. However, women are not allowed to learn the oral Tradition, namely Gemara.

What can you learn from Islamic civilization?

you can learn how islam is a peaceful

How important was Islam religion to its followers?

for those who are faithful to Islam and God Almighty, Islam dominates their whole life and learn the positives from it such as Faith,Prayers,Fasting, and reading the Holy Book. Muslims are not what many people think of them as.

What language do children of Judaism learn?


Should a person learn about Islam?

A:Yes. Learning about the various religions of the world fosters understanding and goodwill. It is not necessary to believe that Islam is based on truth, but it is important to be able to respect the beliefs of Muslims, as it is also important for Muslims to respect the beliefs of others.

What book do Jews use to learn Judaism?

The Torah.

In Islam a madrassahis a?

in Islam a madrassah is school where children and teens go to learn about religion

Why are the Torah scrolls important to judaism?

It is the words of God (Exodus 24:12), which we're commanded to learn, to teach (Deuteronomy ch.11) and to fulfill (ibid).

Where can you learn about Judaism?

although Judaism doesn't seek converts, you can read the Torah. you can walk into a synagogue or a Jewish bookstore and ask.

How did did India learn about Islam?

Muslim people went there

What did Filipino people learn from Arabic people?


What would you not be surprised to learn about the president?

That he is corrupt and a islam.

What is the best website to learn about Islam?


Is love is right in Islam?

Yes its right, - You have learn about Islam and woman's right in Islam - in which you will know that to love is perfectly alright but in has certain concepts.

Why is it important to learn about polygons?

why is it important to learn about polygons

Why was the acceptance of Islam and of Arabic language importart?

Almighty God sent about 1,24,000 Prophets (May peace be upon them all) for the guidance of humans. The last Prophet was Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) who was born in Arabia. The last divine Book Qur'an was revealed to him in Arabic language. It was important to accept Islam to lead a pious life and to learn Arabic is important to understand the teachings of Islam.

Who uses the Qur'an?

Muslims and anyone who wants to learn of Islam

What did Malcolm learn in prison?

He learned the teachings of Nations of Islam

What religion should you use if you want to learn about water?


What language did many people learn as a result of Islam?


What can Christians learn from Judaism?

OpinionThe teachings of various Christian denominations tend to be more dogmatic than those of Judaism. If you are a Catholic, you must believe in Purgatory, just as it is taught by the Church. Other denominations have nuances on exactly what must be believed about the person of Jesus, sin, the afterlife and so on. Judaism has evolved a more flexible position. One of the early Jewish concepts of the Common Era involved midrashim, which were rabbinical opinions which could be believed by the faithful or otherwise. And if a better midrash were introduced, then Jews could change their loyalties to the newer opinion. Thus, Judaism is more flexible and less open to direct criticism than Christianity. Christians could learn to adopt a similar flexible attitude to their beliefs.

What can Islam learn from the Catholic Church?

Well... the only way for a Muslim to learn "from" the Church is to learn "about" it. The best way to do that is to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church.