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Why is it important to learn about the Holocaust?

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The Holocaust has come to be regarded as one of key events of the 20th century and one that every educated person is expected to know about, at least in outline.

You need to learn all about it so that nothing like it ever happens again!

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Its much important to learn because its necessary for every student to know about it.

because it is important to learn the history of other countries

Because it tell an important story and it educates the world of lives of real people during the Holocaust.It is important because it was written by a Jew in hiding during the Holocaust; it shows how traumatic and difficult it was for Jews during the Holocaust. And if you want to learn more about the Holocaust, it's a good read!!

tworeasons we should learn about the holocaust

well the holocaust is important to the worlds history.

It is important for ALL children to learn the history of their people. It puts modern existence into perspective, and prevents us from forgetting, which could doom us to re-live horrible mistakes.

Such an atrocity as the holocaust should never be allowed to happen again.

Children (and adults) need to learn about the Holocaust so that they can see what evil people can be led to do. Hopefully, with the proper lessons, the children will learn how to prevent a situation like the Holocaust from ever happening again. _______________ The Holocaust is considered one of the key events of the 20th century and is widely talked about.

Kids should learn about the Holocaust when they are in 5th or 6th grade, they should be able to understand everything and not be exposed to too much inappropriate things about the Holocaust at a young age.

The media carried reports of the Holocaust from about the middle of 1942 onwards.

This is a phrase that is sometimes used for the US treatment of the aboriginal population (Indians), it is always important to know and learn from the darker points in one's nation's history.

Many people learn a lot from the Holocaust. There is a lot to learn from the Holocaust. So that is a broad question you would have to make it more specific to get a exact answer. But the reason people study it and even study history at all is to not make the same mistakes that we did in the past.

Most of us are too young to remember the victims, all that we can do is learn about what happened.

America fought Germany for the end of the Holocaust, you can learn more if you research more about the Holocaust end and WW2.

To learn how inhumane people can become. So that this may never happen again. To see how complacency can lead to utter hooror./

Not until after the war did they learn the full extent of the horror and inhumanity of the Holocaust. _____ The Holocaust was organized by ideological fanatics.

Because that is what the Germans did to the Jews during the holocaust.

it was the biggest mass murder in the world

Yes, it is taught in German schools.

So that history does not repeat itself.

'Why is Holocaust research still important in the twentyfirst century?'

The biggest lesson that people can learn is that there is no one truth.

when you learn something about it you will realise how impossible that would be.

Adolf Hitler was very important during the holocaust. He killed many Jews. He poisoned them with a gas named Zyklon B.

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