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Why is it important to let your parents know where you are?


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Because they love you and care for you and want to know that you are safe. Because they will go crazy if you go somewhere without telling them and they'll think you're lost.if they find you they might ground you for not telling them where you went and alerting them for nothing. My 21 yr old step son moved out the summer after he graduated & didn't say where he was going. There was a death in the family & it was very hard to try & find out where he was. Then my 18 yr old step son partied for 4 to 5 days in a row - we didn't know where he was. My husband (his father) allowed it. But we would have never known where he was if another death in the family happened again. My husband & I always knows where the other one is. Cell phones help a lot.


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Talk to your parents. Let them know that you won't be stupid, and you know how to be responsable, they should come round.

if your parents dont know anything about you and if you want them to know you then let them know you and get to know more .

Well, if you know that she has a boyfriend that's great. But never let your parents know. Let your sister tell them. Talk with your sister and convince her to tell your parents.

To let your parents know that you listen to Eninem, listen to his music whenever they are around.

I don't know you or your parents but I am certain that they do not hate you. You should talk to your parents and let them know how you feel. Hopefully the misunderstanding between you can be rectified.

tell your parents that you need it and it is very important to youJust tell them why.

Let the parents handle it. They know what to do more than you do. If you found it in the wild, let it be.

To convince your parents to let you date you need to let them know you can be trusted, and that your responsible enough to go out on a date.

The only way to let them know is to tell them. Unfortunately, they may not be able to do that for you.

Don't ignore your parents, they know the best for you. Let them know why you want to ignore them, and they may stop. Make sure you are respectful.

Let them have total insight on what is going on with it and who you know.

he wanted to let his parents know he had respnsibility

Well first let him know that you have been invited to a sleep over then be sure to let him know the name and phone number of the persons parents that you are sleeping over at. Arrange it to where he can meet the other parents.

It depends on what that something is. Parents may object to it because they think it is not safe, expensive, or you are too young. Let them know how you will be responsible on your part.

let them know that you are ressponsible and taht they can trust you

you can let your parents know first COMPUTER ONLY.

maybe he really does like you but has had some bad experiences with parents that hes afraid to meet yours or have you meet his.but let him know that your parents are really nice and make him feel comfotable meeting your parents..nobody wants to be hogged.and let him know that if your meeting his parents that you will be polite and handle things appropriatley...maybe you do things to make him not want to take you home,so watch what you classy.and let him know that if parents are not involved there cant be a relationship because the parents need to know who you are.

You could convince them that you are responsible enough.. I don't really know it depends on the parents.

To let you know who wrote the story.

it matters how old u are but i do let my guardians know

Strict parents don't tolerate any nonsense and let their children know from birth who's in charge.

to let them know that you are loyal responsible,honest,doesnt cause any trouble, and be a good person.

You can't force your parents to let you have a boyfriend. Though, you can try to reason with them and they can let you have a boyfriend. If you think you are mature enough to have a boyfriend; tell your parents why you want a boyfriend and that it's not because everyone else has one. Have your parents meet him or invite him over for dinner so they know he's a good person. If they still say no beg until they let you

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