Why is it important to reduce reuse and recycle?

Recycling helps the Earth by not producing more waste onto our planet. We are throwing away far too much rubbish.

  • Our landfills are filling up. Many towns and cities have trouble finding new holes to dump rubbish in.
  • All sorts of paper and be recycled and turned into fresh paper and card. This uses far less energy than making new paper from trees.
  • All glass bottles and steel and aluminum cans can be recycled as well as all other metals, again saving energy. When we save energy we don't emit as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, because usually we make electricity by burning fossil fuels like coal.
  • All plastics can be recycled, again saving energy. In some places only certain kinds of plastics are accepted, but all plastics can be recycled, even styrofoam (polystyrene).
  • We throw away food scraps and other organic matter like leaves, cotton, animal manure etc. These can all be composted to become garden fertilizer. Some will also generate methane gas which is good if we collect it and use it for heating, cooking or generating electricity. But methane gas is bad if we just let it seep out of landfills and into the atmosphere where it becomes a dangerous greenhouse gas, twenty-one times more deadly than carbon dioxide. And greenhouse gases are causing global warming.

So save the planet!

  • It is important to recycle because we need to save this world before it becomes a giant garbage dump!
  • I think everyone should recycle to try and help save most of the worlds resources and so that there is enough things for the future or next generations,and so that animals don't die and so that we don't destroy their natural habitat.
  • To reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. To reduce your carbon footprint and to help the ozone. It also puts a lot of commodity back into the system such as metal aluminum and paper.
  • Don't forget that when you recycle you are making the world more beautiful and healthy. Even the things you like the most could be recycled like a favorite shirt maybe it was once recycled and made into something you like.
  • Quite right, our planet looks disgusting at this moment, and if we don't start to recycle soon, then our planet will turn into a toxic waste dump! All our future generations will be held back and our race will not survive, so I think we should all recycle and turn our world into that green, blue and white lovely planet we all love.
  • Recycling is important because if you recycle you can give another life to your rubbish. Many trees can be saved and we will have a better environment.
  • we need to recycle so we can help the environment and stop pollution
  • Because the land fill will slowly get smaller. (hopefully!)
  • People recycle to help the earth to become a cleaner and greener place!
  • Yes. We are polluting the earth by not recycling and filling the landfills with trash that doesn't need to be there.
  • Very important question. A Christian has a duty to recycle. Because if you believe in global warming for one thing you are saving this earth and millions of lives!
  • Because its helps save the earth and make it a better place to live. It also can keep pollution down and save animal and possibly peoples lives.
  • Because the old materials are reused again instead of having to use up all the new material.
  • Well one of the main reasons for recycling is,because we only have a certain amount of products on earth so if we just through them out it will be wasted and eventually we will be out of glass, paper, glass. but if we recycle it even though there may be a possibility that we run out even from recycling we have been able to make new stuff like bags sun glasses certain clothes and heck if no one tells you what they are made of you wouldn't tell anyway.
  • Because when you don't recycle then there will be Co2 and Co2 makes global warming. Global warming can be very dangerous for us because because that means the Earth gets hotter and hotter and one day the Earth will be to hot for us to live on. People keep on doing this so when you are one of these people please stop that!
  • We must recycle in order to reduce landfill waste. Many beautiful parks and lands are being taken up by trash yards because we produce SO much. We are so many people on Earth so we produce SO much. We all have So many cars that produce harmful gases that warm up the Earth. That causes ice caps to melt and temps to rise. That causes floods and wave damages. People who litter and do not save the Earth, thank you so much. Please RECYCLE! Save our home; our Earth. We were not made to deteriorate our home, we were made to live in it and cherish it for our children and so on. Keep it clean. Forever.
  • it is important to reduce reuse and recycle to help the earth survive. If we don't do these three things the our earth would be a dumpster. If we didn't do these then we would be doomed. no earth, no living, nothing.
  • All our non-recycled waste goes to a landfill. Sitting in a large heap does no good to the environment, when something can be re-used. Recycling will help get the most use out of something, and won't cause materials to be used only once. However, you must remember the order: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Recycling has some disadvantages, as you need to ship the materials to a recycling center, and distribute them. This uses a lot of fossil fuels.
  • To save the planet!
  • It Is Bad As We Are Running Low On Gas And Only Have 20 years of it left.
  • The reason some people recycle is because they want to save the planet. if you were to recycle you could save the planet too, and be one more climateer!
  • because landfills are filling up
  • yes we need to the earth is falling apart. Recycle please!
  • yes because your helping the earth become greener so you should recycle anything paper examples: newspaper, paper, cardboard, cans, and no staples and that will make the earth greener
  • it is good for the environment because it is a good thing to help the earth last longer. If you recycle water bottles, cans, paper or plastic bags you are reusing these items. Then they don't need to more of these
  • Recycling allows us to reuse materials that otherwise would take up space in land fills. It allows us to not have to make as many manmade materials. For example, instead of having a paper cup from McDonalds and just throwing it away, where it will decompose in the earth, you could recycle it and save a tree (that is, if many people recycled paper, which they do). People need to realize its importance. People also need to realize that recycling of products is often more damaging to the environment than simply creating new items. All recycling takes large amounts of energy, which is often supplied by coal-fired power plants. Much recycling gives off harmful by-products. This is not always the case, however it is much more common than people are aware of.
  • by recycling we can save the items which it is made of.
  • We can reduce landfill use.
  • In theory, we can reduce pollution.
  • Some recyclables use less energy to recycle than to create from raw materials.
  • Trees are cut down less, so we preserve natural habitats of a variety of animals and natural tourism attractions, and in the future there would be cleaner air because the trees could help with the pollution we've caused. # Glass, plastic, and other things that are non-biodegradable (can't be broken down) will stay on Earth in landfills for hundreds of years and latter on become very dangerous to humans and other animals. Added, they are made of nonrenewable resources that will eventually run out. If they are recycled, then we won't run out as quickly as we find a better way to contain our items (such as peanuts). It helps in the long run!
  • Our landfills would fill up and our environment would be TOTALLY BAD!
  • Because my tin cans and soda bottles pay the salaries of the coolest art collective ever!
  • Recycling is important because then we don't need to cut down as much of the forest as we are doing now, because right now we are cutting too many trees down. Pollution is too high, the earth is vulnerable and we need to keep our earth's oxygen and the environment clean. Recycling is important because it saves resources and it saves energy. It also reduces the amount of material that we have to consign to landfills.
  • It is good for the environment. Many things that you throw out could be used again, or could be used to make new items. This saves using more resources to make new products. It doesn't make much sense to dispose of something that still could be used for other things or the same purpose again.
  • Recycling can help stop Global Warming, because recycling means less trees being cut down. As you may have already known, trees exchange Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen, which really is helpful when it comes to Global Warming. Also recycling is cutting down on the amount of things we throw away and some things we throw away are harmful to our environment so this helps to cut down on that too
  • We recycle because it is good for the environment.
  • Recycling reuses our trash to keep it from polluting the earth , reducing wastes.
  • much less energy used
  • cheaper to use recycled materials
  • less energy used = less Co2
  • fewer trees cut down
  • sometimes you can get money for recycling
  • saves natural resources
  • saves space in landfills

In a small paperback book called STUFF The Secret Lives of Everyday Things, copyright 1997 by Northwest Environment Watch in Seattle, WA, authors Ryan and Durning with research assistance by Breslow, Halvorson, and Tohan, state that "Smelting is so energy intensive that aluminum earned the nickname "congealed electricity." Making a soda can of smelted aluminum takes energy equivalent to a quarter-can of gasoline. (Making a) 33-percent recycled can took about a sixth of a can of gasoline ..."

Despite the date of the book, similar numbers should apply today in 2011. If you determine the number of aluminum beverage cans emptied by consumers, you'll see that the following "good" things might occur. The amount of money needed to produce a typical soda can should be reduced, and the savings should be passed on to consumers. Or, because of recycling of aluminum, the cost of a can of soda is lower than it would otherwise be (the package is often more costly than the product itself). Less electrical energy should be consumed to make "new" aluminum products, thus allowing more energy for other uses, and/or hopefully keeping the price of electrical energy at comparatively lower values. One could envision a number of other beneficial outcomes, such as reduced environmental impact because of a comparatively lower demand for the earth's limited resources and the fact that such resources become more difficult to obtain as the earth's more-easily-obtained raw materials dwindle.

One thing about aluminum production that may not be apparent is that aluminum is made mostly from bauxite. This ore consists of aluminum atoms combined (chemically bonded) with oxygen and hydrogen atoms in a low-energy state; in other words bauxite has existed on the earth's surface for a long time like this (instead of "pure" aluminum) because these atoms bound together are a lower-energy state than if the pure elements existed in the same volume.

"Since highly electropositive metals tend to react at high temperatures with most materials, common pyrometallurgical processes cannot be used for smelting them. A straightforward method for producing these metals is first to purify a salt of a reactive metal and then electrolyze the salt for recovery of the metallic element." p.207, Unit Processes of Extractive Metallurgy, by Pehlke, 1973, Elsevier. What this means is that aluminum atoms are strongly attached/bonded to oxygen atoms, and to release the aluminum atoms from bonds with oxygen atoms requires a comparatively large amount of energy from some source. In this case, a large amount of electricity is needed to efficiently produce large amounts of "pure" aluminum.
If you can reuse something, why not? You won't have to waste resources that you don't have to.