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I'm not sure why you think that it is important to shut a toilet seat when you flush it; I personally leave it open and the flushing works perfectly.

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Q: Why is it important to shut the toilet seat when you flush it?
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How do you replace a flapper in a toilet?

Shut the water supply off to the toilet. Flush the toilet. Pull the old flapper out and replace it with the same type. Turn the water back on and test the toilet.

How do you replace wax ring on toilet?

Shut off the supply line and disconnect it from the tank. Flush the toilet and hold the lever down until all the water runs out. If you are strong enough to pick up the toilet you can stop there, if not, use a sponge or towel and get the rest of the water out of the tank. Use a cup to get as much water out of the bowl as possible. On the base of the toilet on either side there should be two caps. Under these are the bolts holding the toilet down. Some toilets also have screws on either side at the front of the tank. If present, remove them also. If you can pick up the toilet, do so and set it on a towel. This will catch the water and also not scratch the floor. The old wax ring may be around the drain or on the bottom of the toilet. Remove it and the black ring that is probably there. If the drain is at least flush with the floor, a regular thickness ring should be enough. If there is any doubt, use an extra thick one or stack two together. The excess wax will push out. Put the new rings in place on the floor, make sure the bolts are pointing up and set the toilet back in place. Push down on the toilet at the back of the seat with all your weight to to compress the wax ring and form a good seal. Tighten the nuts and install the trim caps.If you can't pick the toilet up, tip it forward enough to get the ring under it and let it gently back down.If any of my employees used a sponge to remove toilet water Id fire them on the spot.In America we have something called a "wet dry Vacuum" a brand new invention that works wonders when removing water from a fixture or just for general cleaning .Using the wet dry will do the following1- Remove remaining water from a tank2- Remove water from the bowl3- Makes for easier dumpng rather then lifting china and the weight of waterAlso not all toilets are low down tanks some are flushometer and STILL a wet dry will work wonders

Where are shut-off valves?

In every home thee are a number of shut-off valves. Where the water pipe enters the house is the main shut off, usually beside the PRV, a bell shaped device for regulating the house pressure. This main cold line will then branch off to the water heater, bathrooms and kitchen. Each faucet and the water heater and the toilet will have a shut-off valve. The hot water line comes out of the top of the heater and goes to bathrooms and kitchen. Each hot faucet also has a shut-off valve under it.

How do you replace toilet flush valve?

Take tank off of the bowl and replace it . Always install new tank to bowl bolts and washers and tank to bowl gasket. The flush valve is what your tank ball is conected too. If your talking about ballcock then you just take it out with out having to do the above. The ballcock is what lets the water come into tank. Always shut off water either way. If you cannot get the bolts to come lose you will have to hack saw them off, it will take a little while to do so but it works best. You will only use the blade it self and turn the blade around. And you will be cutting between tank and bowl and put something on the bowl so not to scatch the bowl like duct tape or what ever you have like this. and if you have a brass nut on flush valve under tank you will have to cut it also

What is wrong whenWater is running on the floor but toliet is not leaking anywhere?

Your question isn't very clear. Toilet must be leaking somewhere. Shut off valve, supply line, the seal between the tank and the bowl or the wax ring underneath the toilet. In warm weather, the tank can sweat if the water filling it is cold in high humidity. It pretty much has to be one of these places.

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How do you replace a flapper in a toilet?

Shut the water supply off to the toilet. Flush the toilet. Pull the old flapper out and replace it with the same type. Turn the water back on and test the toilet.

If your cats love to dunk their head in the toilet how do you get them to stop?

Close the toilet seat or toilet door, also, close the door of the bathroom if you don't want to keep the bathroom door shut for some reason just put something in front of the door to block it. Your cat is probably thirsty. Put the toilet seat down, and change its water in its bowl regularly.

Just installed a new flapper on my toilet and turned off the water to do so at the toilet then on again but the water shutoff pops out after every flush and it won't refill Help?

It depends what you mean by shut off POPPING OUT? More info needed

How do you remove an obstruction in the neck of a toilet that allows water to get through but not any waste to get through?

You can try to fish what ever is blocking the passage with a bendable tool or you can shut off the water valve and take the toilet outside and flush it with a high pressure hose something like a pressure washer.

How do you replace a toilet flap valve?

Toilet flaps are easy to change , just bend the ears around the handles and undo the chain to the flush handle then install a new one the same way. If you want to change the plastic or brass over flow tube assembly then it can be a little difficult. 1 shut off the toilet stop. 2 flush the toilet and hold the flush valve open so it drains most of the water. 3 unscrew the toilet supply nut ( water will spill out from inside the ballcock). 4 vacuum out the tank so its dry and then unscrew the 2 or 3 tank bolts . 5 pull the tank then unscrew the big nut on the over flow. 6 put a bead of silicon on your new toilet over flow rubber gasket then install it and tighten the nut, then do all the steps backwards and when you put your toilet tank bolts back in just for safety put a bead of silicon on your toilet tank bolt rubber washers and you shouldn't have any problems with any leaks.

How do you replace float valve assembly?

not enough info to answer the question 1. Shut water off at wall. 2. Flush toilet to drain excess water from tank. 3. Remove supply line from bottom of tank.........

How do you shut of the valve to the toilet?

either right below the toilet or if you want to shut it off before that valve you have to shut off the water before it goes into the house.Depends on the type of "toilet"A tank and bowl or a one piece normally has a shut off on the left side below the tank.A flushometer type has either a knob or an angle valve that needs a flat screw driver to shut it

What makes nic awesome?

he shut the toilet lid when he was done

Can you flush the toilet if the water is shut off?

If the holding tank is full you can flush it just once. Further flushes will have to wait until the holding tank is again full. If the tank is empty- no. If you have a way to refill the holding tank with water again, you can flush one more time for every time you refill it. When our water was going to be off for a time, I pre-filled the bathtub with water to use for this purpose.

How do you shut down someones phone while bluetooth is on?

Drop it in a toilet.

Can you give me a sentence using disengaged?

the toilet,wich was shut ,was disengaged

How do you turn off a Urinal toilet?

Shut off the main water or on the control, there should be a large plate or washer with a screw slot in it. This should just be a cover plate with another screw under it that I believe should regulate the length of the flush and shut it off if screwed in all the way. It's been a while and things may have changed.