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If you loose to much blood you can die.

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Q: Why is it important to stop the loss of blood after a severe injury?
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What causes loss of 2 pints plasma?

A severe blood loss injury

Why is it important to put pressure over the arterial pressure point nearest to the injury?

Arteries carry large volumes of blood. By applying pressure in the correct spot you can slow the loss of blood and allow blood to clot. In a severe injury, this could save a life.

Loss of red blood cells in known as?

The loss of red blood cells through an external injury is called bleeding The loss of red blood cells through an internal injury is called hemorrhaging

Can loss of blood from an injury cause a missed period?

No i am sure not

Why are blood drives important?

Blood drives are very important. There are some people who are incapable of producing blood on their own. Or if someone is in an accident and have severe blood loss, a blood transfusion would be in need. There are multiple and various other reasons as well.

When you cut off your finger does your blood pressure increase?

The pain and the stress from the injury can result in a temporary increase in blood pressure. But if it's not tended to immediately and the blood loss stopped, it can result in a drop in blood pressure. This drop can sometimes be severe.

What happens if your blood does not clot?

If your blood does not clot it means that a person is in danger for blood loss from the smallest injury.

What are the causes of shock?

blood loss, injury, internal bleeding, illness

What is crush injury?

pain at the site, associated would and blood loss

Severe shock occurs with blood loss of?

over 50 percent

What is copious blood loss?

Copious means "large" or "abundant" - if you have copious blood loss, it means you have lost a lot of blood. (Usually through serious injury.)

Which of the following commonly is seen after a head injury severe enough to result in a loss of consciousness?

retrograde amnesia

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