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Why is it it an official law to have auto insurance if you drive?


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I have had Three wrecks in the last year that weren't my falt, (one in the rear, one ran a stop sign, and the other failed to yeid right of way) Although it's a law in Tennessee to have insurance, only one did. Most people don't have an extra 10,000 bucks just laying around to replace the car you hit. Or pay for the doctor bills or hire a lawyer to go to court. It's a law to have car insurace so that you can't screw someones life up and leave them high and dry, so that in the case of a wreck they will have assets of compensation.


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The Law in Georgia about drivers having auto insurance is no different to any other state,you must have auto insurance if you drive a car.

In many or most states not having liability is against the law. No insurance and you drive illegally, or you do not drive at all.

I do not have a particular website to answer your question. I do know, however, that if you drive with no auto insurance it is against the law. Also, if you do get in an accident you are not covered for your injuries. Also, if the accident is your fault, you can get a hefty lawsuit served in your name. Keep shopping for cheaper insurance. Do not drive without auto insurance.

It is not mandatory, in the United States as a country,to carry auto insurance, but in most states it is a law.

To own and drive a car in New York, you must register your car and obtain license plates. one must have the auto insurance in NY and that is by law. anyone breaking the law can get severe finds.

All drivers are required by law to carry proof of Financial Responsibility. So if you are an insured driver under the terms of the Auto Insurance Contract then you are covered to drive it. If you are not an insured under the terms of that policy then you are not covered. Remember, Vehicles do not drive themselves and vehicles do not carry insurance, People do. Auto Insurance Is to cover the losses and legal liabilities of the Insured.

Yes, you are required by law to have auto insurance in the state of Pennsylvannia.

Auto insurance is a state law requirement in PA. You are only required to carry liability insurance.

Assigned risk auto insurance is used to cover those drivers that would normally be denied coverage by most insurance companies. They get this form of auto insurance because of State law requiring them to be covered by auto insurance.

You get ticketed and fined, regardless of whether you were at fault or not, Auto Insurance is required by law in the state of Louisiana. You get ticketed and fined, regardless of whether you were at fault or not, Auto Insurance is required by law in the state of Louisiana.

This is a state law. In Illinois and Texas I know for sure the answer is no. If you're caught, your license will be suspended. What state are you interested in?

The reason for this is because there is much competition in the auto insurance world. They offer low car insurance and it is not against the law to not have health insurance.

Auto auctions are generally not required by law to purchase insurance but it is up to the individual to purchase insurance if they so choose for themselves.

Yes, Some companies do have auto insurance programs for unlicensed adult drivers. Expect the price to be high but you can get it. Remember though that just becaus eyou have auto insurance doe snot mean that you have legal permission to drive a vehicle. Motor vehicle laws requires that you be licensed to drive. Insurance Law does not require you be licensed to buy insurance although most insurers will consider you an unacceptable risk.

You're eligible (even required) to get auto insurance as soon as you get your license. SInce you are required by law to be insured to drive. What will matter in regards to the length you have your license will be be how much you pay for insurance as they will charge higher rates for newly licensed drivers.

No. Mandatory auto insurance is a state law in Texas.

If the law requires you to have insurance (Auto Liability) or someone else does (your mortgage company, your auto lender) you could be in hot water if you don't have it. Otherwise, you don't have to have insurance.

If you are the owner/operator of your own company vehicle, you purchase auto insurance intended for business. If you're working for a company, they are required by law to either have fleet insurance (insuring large amounts of vehicles), or auto insurance intended for business use regardless of driver.

Their insurance policy will pay for their own car. However you must know it's against the law not to have insurance coverage for your auto.

Yes you can get Auto Insurance with a permit. All drivers are required by law to carry financial responsibilty regardless of your license status.

Driving without insurance is against the law (a civil offense) in 49 of the 50 states of the U.S. including in California, but it is not a criminal offense in any state.

An insurance attorney specializes in insurance and insurance law. Often, these attorneys will specialize in one type of insurance like home, auto, health, and mortgage.

Yes, in fact all states require auto insurance.

ZERO. You are required BY LAW to have insurance at ALL times in the state of California. There are absolutely NO grace periods for insurance lapses or expirations of any kind. This is why all insurance policies expire on an EXACT date and time.

It's a law that was passed. It's now required to have auto insurance mostly so that it's cheaper for you, if you happen to get in a wreck.

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