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Cutting in one direction in glass tubing will reduce the places the glass will crack and break. Cutting in multiple directions greatly increases the chance of the glass tubing completely shattering when you break it off.

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Why is it necessary to make a deep scratch around the glass tubing to be cut with single stroke in one direction?

It is not necessary to score tubing to be cut all the way around. Depending on the diameter anything from a small nick to a 5mm - 10mm scratch is enough. If you wet the scratch then dab on it with a molten piece of glass it will crack evenly all the way around. The cutting on one direction has one purpose. If you go over scratches more than once with your knife, it will blunt your tungsten carbide blade very quickly, as the small amount of glass dust in the scratch acts as an abrasive.

Why a wing top is necessary in heating a glass tubing for preparing bends?


What happens to the glass tubing when it is being heated?

The glass tubing will bend.

What is the function of a cork borer in a laboratory?

is a metal tool for cutting a hole in a cork or rubber stopper to insert glass tubing.

Why must a glass tubing be polished before it can be used?

- To avoid accidents by cutting - To avoid damaging the connection tubes of rubber or plastics

Why must a glass tubing be fire polished before it is used?

A glass tubing with a fire polish gives glass a smooth and glossy appearance.

Use of triangular file?

The slim-taper triangular style is well suited for deburring, cutting glass tubing, or other general laboratory use.

What is glass tubing and how is it used?

Glass tubing is exactly what it sounds like -- a tube made of glass. Glass tubing comes in all shapes in sizes, with tube diameters or just a millimeter or less up to very large tubes. It can be used for a number of things. I can be used to carry both liquid and gasses. With a triangular file, it is possible to break glass tubing into smaller pieces. Using a hot flame from a Bunsen burner, it is possible to bend glass tubing into other shapes.See the Web Links to the left for more information about how to use glass tubing.

What is the purpose of wetting the glass tubing before inserting into a stopper?

What is the purpose of wetting the glass tubing before inserting into a stopper?

How do you cut glass tubing?

with a quarter stick

Why do you rotate the glass tubing while heating?

Since glass is a poor conductor of heat, it may crack on uneven heating. Therefore, in order to heat it evenly, you have to rotate the glass tubing.

What is the purpose of wetting the glass tubing before inserting it into the stopper?

It acts as a lubricant to make it easier for the glass tubing to slide freely through the hole in the stopper.

What lab apparatuses hold glass tubing?

This is a stand.

Function of glass tubing?

i don't know, OK?

What are the safety precautions and techniques when inserting a glass tubing in a rubber stopper?

never attempt to insert glass tubing that has a jagged end, all glass tubing should be fire polished before its inserted into a rubber stopper. Use water or glycerin as a lubricant at the end of the glass tubing before inserting it into the rubber stopper. ask teacher for proper lubricant. Protect hands and fingers by wearing leather gloves or placing a folded cloth between your hands and the tubing. hold it as close as possible to the part it is inserted to the rubber stopper. always point the tubing away from the palm of your hand that holds the stopper. use a twisting motion and push the tubing into the stopper. At the end of the experiment put on leather gloves or place the folded cloth between your hands and the tubing and remover the stoppers from the tubing to keep them from sticking to the glass. if it wont budge, use lubricant.

What is the function of a cork borer?

A cork borer is a metal tool for cutting a hole in a cork or rubber stopper in order to insert glass tubing. It is also used to take samples from living trees.

How do you know when to bend glass tubing?

There is no way to know exactly when to bend it. It comes with practice and feel. The best approach is to heat the glass tubing gradually, and begin applying pressure while turning the tubing in the fingers to keep it rotating. Eventually, you will begin to feel the tubing "give", and in a second or two, it will bend.

What comes out in a glass tubing when the water boils?

gravity of the earth

What is a glass tubing?

Tubing made of glass used for several applications such as a sight tube on boilers to see the water level or used on Acid waste systems depending on the acid involved

How dangerous is florscent tubing?

It isn't dangerous until the glass breaks. Broken glass is dangerous. The contents inside the tubing may contain mercury or other chemicals that should not be ingested.

How is a rubber stopper inserted into glass tubing?

very carefully apply a lubricant and use a turning motion. do not force the tubing into the stopper

What has one hole and can hold glass tubing?

A glass, beaker, flask, jar and anything else that has a hole on top.

Why must the glass tubing be wrapped with a cloth or paper towel before breaking?

This is a safety precaution to prevent injury to the experimenter's hands. Glass tubing may splinter or shatter if scored incorrectly or if there was a defect in manufacturing.

Why must the flask or glass tubing be dry at start of each trial?

A flash or glass tubing should be dry at the start of each trial to ensure accurate results. Any contaminants can effect the results directly.

Why diamond is best for cutting glass?

Glass can always be cut by diamond, so if precision is required over a variety of glass types, diamond will be preferred as the cutting tool.