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When you have shared yourself with someone you love, and spent a lot of time focused on being "one", a break-up causes you to experience a sense of loss Grieving is natural and healthy when one suffers a loss of any kind. there are five stages to grieving. 1) Denial (this didn't happen) 2) Anger ( How could he/she do this to me 3) sadness ( mild depression and emotional expressions of sadness crying etc) 4) Apathy ( I didn't really care about him/her anyway) 5) Acknowledgement ( it was a good 2 years, and I'll always have a special place for the memories, but time to move on) If you feel depressed for more than 2 weeks,or have any suicidal thoughts, this is not healthy grieving and you may need professional help to get over your break-up. Please see your doctor

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Q: Why is it so hard to get over an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend after being together for 2 years?
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