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I have a 2001 Saturn sc2 and i was reading the driver's manual about this because I had trouble too., It seems as though the car as steering lock where if if turn your steering wheel a certain way, then it locks the key from being turned. All you have to do is turn the steering wheel a little and then turn the key. It should work!!


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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 15:02:21
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Q: Why is it sometimes hard to turn the ignition key on a 2002 Saturn SL2?
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Is the steering wheel turned hard against the lock? Try moving the steering wheel back and forth hard at same time turn key.

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Just try turning the steering wheel to one side or the other. Sometimes the ignition gets locked up in one direction and by gently turning it to either side while turning the key in the ignition will free it up. real common problem don't even waste your time with a new key im sure its worn out,im a licenced Saturn tech in st.catharines Ontario get a new key cut and get the ignition cylinder replaced,if you need more info contact me at The tumblers are sticking. insert key and hit with a hard object to jar the tumblers loose. Then blow grafite into the key slot.

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