Why is it technology makes the world smaller?


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Technology makes the world smaller because it connects people as if they are right next to each other. Take texting or IMing for example. Thirty years ago if you wanted to talk to your relative or friend who lives in a far away, you would have called to talk to them. Long distance calls cost a lot of money for a short time, but you can text or IM as far away as you like, without paying the price.
Technology is a big part of the world today. This has nothing to do with nationalism.


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it makes the world smaller cause people don't have to do as much as they had to

i think that it just makes the smaller things easy for us.

it is due to mobile phones and internet

"Integration at a very large scale", this was the biggest breakthrough in technology of the previous century. It is a world which strives to make itself smaller and smaller,

It makes the world a smaller place. Also it makes it a whole lot funner!

This depends on what the term "Smaller" means. In terms of mass, the world gets slightly larger every day due to debris falling from space, even thought he increase in mass is negligible. If you mean smaller in a social context, the world is getting smaller due to technology and the reproduction rates of human beings. Since it is easier to travel and communicate, the chances of you meeting someone from a different walk of life is increased exponentially compared to a hundred years ago. Technology is bringing societies from all over the world closer together as we share cultures, ideas, and beliefs. This makes the world "a little bit smaller". Consequently it is also the inspiration of the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney Land in California, Hong Kong and Paris as well as Walt Disney World, which was originaly an attraction built for the1964/1965 World's Fair.

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The three types of technology: a. Tools b. Gadgets c. Processes You also have to realize technology is anything man-made, that serves a purpose, that makes our lives or our world easier or better.

Nobody, computers gradually got smaller and smaller as the technology permitted it.

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