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The indomitable spirit of the German folk, which remains undefeated. I'm puzzled by the expression 'the victim of WW2'. West Germany benefitted from American aid and from the Cold War. It has a well educated and highly skilled workforce. Between 1945 and 1955 it had no armed forces and therefore no military expenditure. Germany hasn't been involved in any war since 1945. This has also saved money for civilian uses. West Germany was a founder member of the forerunners of the EU, and this gave it a larger market than many other countries. Re-unification was horrendously expensive and the German economy stagnated between about 1999 and 2005 with very high unemployment. On most criteria, living standards are broadly comparable to those in Britain, France and Northern Italy. Living standards in the Scandinavian countries are higher.

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What are the ratings and certificates for Victim of Desire - 1995?

Victim of Desire - 1995 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:12 USA:R

Which Roosevelt separates the participants of the conflict into three main categories hero villain and victim. According to the Four Freedoms speech who is the victim?

Great britian

Why would it be a bad idea to live here in germanY?

Because Germany is in Europe. Europe been a victim of world wars

Where did horror begin?

It began in Germany, but the first victim to fall to the camps was Poland.

Who was the Leading northern democrats whose presidential hopes fell victim to the conflict over slavery?

Stephen A. Douglas

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It is a genetic disease caused by a recessive mutation in 7th chromosome.About one from every 3000 european is a victim.

How do you use the word aggressor in a sentence?

Germany was the aggressor in World War II and France was the victim of there aggression. Aggressor is a noun.

What country was a victim of great Britain and France's policy of appeasement?

Czechoslovakia, which was invaded by Germany with permission from Britain and France given at the Munich Conference. You ask which country was a "victim" of Britain's and France's willingness to appease Hitler, but you are not understanding the basic facts. The Sudetenland wanted to be part of Germany because they were Germans and they were separated from Germany after World War 1. So they were glad to get reconnected to Germany. Hitler used the issue of Sudetenland against Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia (including Sudetenland) were not part of Germany before WW1, but part of Austria-Hungary. When Austria-Hungary was broken-up as result of WW1, then Hitler decided to seize German-speaking Austria and then create a crisis w/ Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia was seen as the victim of appeasement. By loosing the Sudetenland, they lost valuable territory rich in lignite, coal. So there was a victim - Czechoslavakia.

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A direct victim is the actual victim of a situation. If a man is beating his wife, she is the direct victim.

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it is when the victim seek for help/ the victim is in deep depretion

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No. Victim is a noun.

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Yes you should put a victim in a recovery position when victim is unresponsive and breathing.

When was the first abuse of Jew in world war 2?

Jews were being routinely abused in Germany when the war started. The first Jewish victim in Poland is not known.

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victim of rage

Why is Shylock a victim?

he is a victim because he is Jewish

What do you call the victim of torture?

A victim of torture.

What nations fell victim to Hitler powerful army in 1940?

The nations Germany attacked in 1940 were: Denmark Norway Netherlands Belgium France Yugoslavia Greece Luxembourg

Roosevelt separates the participants of the conflict into three main categories hero villain and victim. According to the Four Freedoms speech who is the villain?

Germany and Japan (apex).

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The police's next victim was Mary.

Can the mother of the victim show up in place of the victim?


Who is Frankenstein monsters second victim?

His second victim was Justine, whom he framed for murdering his first victim, William.