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Check the ignition switch and the coil resistor if the Honda has one. When the starter is engaged there is a direct connection to the coil. The intention is to give the coil a little more voltage when the starter is engaged. If the ignition switch isn't connecting properly you won't run when you release the starter. If your vehicle uses a coil resistor you might get the same results. That's just a couple possibilities, good luck.

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Q: Why is it that a 1989 Honda Accord Starts up but when the key is let go it shuts off As long as the key is held in Run the car does not shut off What can cause this?
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Why would a Honda Accord when first starting to drive it starts fine and runs fine for a while but then the tach starts to bounce and then the engine shuts off?

I suspect a bad distributor. Honda distributors have been known to fail.

1998 Honda accord shuts off while driving?

check to see if your car has had the ignition switch recall completed

My 1999 Honda Accord shuts off and will not restart for about 5 minutes?

A common issue with the 1999 Honda Accord is a faulty main furl relay. ?æWhen the temperature increases the circuit board flexes and breaks, replace this relay and problem should be solved.

When you put a game in your ps3 it starts to load and then the pas3 just shuts off why?

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Why does your 91 Honda accord SE shuts off when I'm driving and in several minute it start running?

This sounds like a bad ECU. Has it ever been replaced?

1988 Honda accord MT runs fine in neutral but shuts off when you put it in gear?

get another friend to look at it since cars are like computers you have to actually be there to fix them.

Why would a 95 Accord idles at 0 RPM shuts off and will not let you accelerate What could be causing this problem?

cause if its idling at zero rpm the motor is off ...

Why Engine shuts off as soon as it starts?

The most common cause would be lack of fuel. But without having more information that is just a guess.

Your 1994 Honda accord ex will start but shuts off immediately afterwards After it eventually starts and you put it into gear your dashboard light will flicker As you are driving it it will shut off?

Since the dashboard lights are flickering, it sounds like a possible wiring problem. Check all of the main wires from the battery to start with, then check the fuse box for any loose wiring.

What causes a 1990 Honda Accord LX 4WD to have no fuel pressue while cranking?

Does it have Oil Pressure while cranking--some vehicles use a safety control that shuts off fuel supply if no oil pressure exists

Your Honda accord 2000 brake light comes on then shuts off when running What is the problem?

Check brake fluid level in master cylinder when cold (fluid expands when heated) Make sure parking brake is fully released

Why my 1991 4.3 s10 starts for about 3 seconds and shuts down?

Your 1991 4.3 S10 starts for about 3 seconds then shuts down because it is faulty. Take it to mechanic to have it checked.

What would cause a 99 Honda Accord to stall Intermittently while driving?

My girlfriends 97 was doing the same turned out to be the ignition switch.It started to stall intermittently (once every couple days)then yesterday it would not run at all unless you held the key in start position. Take a test drive and giggle the key to see if it shuts of.

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You were driving your Honda Accord 91 on highway and all of sudden the engine went off and also the brake did not work What caused the problem Is it the timing belt?

when eng shuts down, you lose all power assist: brakes stearing......the cause could be sevral things? i found the ignitor modual (car quest, napa) in the distributor goes bad also the main relay....

What is wrong if your car engine shuts off as soon as you start it?

1991 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L starts 2 to 3 seconds later shuts off

Why does a 97 grand am 24L start then shuts down replaced fuel filter and tps and still does the same starts then shuts down?

try checking your catalyctic converter

Car starts and then turns off?

96 olds 88 runs for 20-30minutes shuts off wait 10 minutes starts up

Replaced ignition but it wont read the key starts then shuts down?

If it starts at all I'd say it isn't the key, check the MAF sensor.

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Car shuts off when turn signal is used?

A car that shuts off when the turn signal is used indicates a major short in the electrical system. When the turn signal is used, it cause a massive draw on the power and shuts it down.

Plymouth breeze wont turn over but it cranks?

My car starts but it shuts off it says ck engine

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