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Some guys just like the fun of chasing a girl but once they have her the fun has gone. Maybe he's just shy though and totally bewildered that you've finally noticed him.

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Q: Why is it that a guy you thought had a crush on you backs away when it seems like you have noticed him finally?
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Definition of noticed something and liked it?

a crush.

What does it mean when your friends tell you your crush is always staring at you?

It means your friends have noticed your crush is always staring at you.

What is a sentence with the word noticed?

I am trying to get noticed by my crush.I wonder if he has noticed my new hair yet?The police noticed something was wrong and investigated.

What does it mean if you catch your crush grining at you?

It means that your crush noticed you, and wants to talk to you but might not know what exactly to say.

You just had a dream about someone and now you have a crush on them why?

you probebly always had a crush on her/him cause now im going out with someone that i never really noticed

Why did Michael Jackson have a crush on Beyonce?

He thought she was pretty.

A boy is always asking if you're dating someone and then he finally asks you out that means he has a crush on you?

He probably has had a crush on you for a long long time!

You were writing to your friend about this guy who has a crush on you and your crush stole it and now he showed it to his best friend what do you do?

well if your crush would do that he/she is not who you thought they were so you shouldn't like him/her anymore

How do you get the thought of your crush out of your head?

Do something else that doesn't concern him.

How old is the youngest to fall in love?

Their are different kinds of love. You can realize you love someone as a freind at any age. To have a crush on someone is to fall in love, except you call it a crush if it doesn't go anywhere. So If you've had a crush you could theoretically fall in love. As a kid I thought if I noticed a girl was pretty it meant I had a crush on her, but as a teenager I had far more intense feelings. If he/she can make you happy enough to want to sing or sad enough to want to throw up, then it might be love.

Is Amy rose a lesbian?

No! First why would you ask that??? Second she has a major crush on Sonic in case you have not noticed. No Amy is NOT a lesbian!

Did Elvis preslley have a crush on ashlyn smith?

he thought ashlyn smith was hot

Does Robert Paterson date Kristen Stewart?

yes she is dating him OMG! he finally admits he has a crush on her

What is a song about finally dating your crush?

Love Story by Taylor Swift You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

Does nudge have a crush in maximume ride?

no, Nudge doesn't have a crush in Maximum ride 1-5, not so sure 'bout 6, Fang thought

What does it mean when your shy crush never talks to you and looks at you often but suddenly smiles one day?

Your crush may be getting up the nerve to finally talk to you if they are are now smiling.

Did Marian Anderson get married?

Yes she did. She finally decided to marry her life-long crush Orpheus Fisher.

What are the signs a guy no longer has a crush on you when you really thought he did have a crush?

When the guy doesn't ask you out eventhough he and you talk to each other every day like you used to before you thought that he had a crush on you. ok.. the above answer sounds kind of harsh. usually a guy WON'T ask you out if he has a crush on you. but will be really sweet and kind to you.... and will talk to you (of course) sometimes, if a guy pesters you and throws stuff at you. it means he likes you and wants your attention..

Is there caffeine in Crush Cream Soda?

I didn't know Crush made a cream soda, but most cream soda and root beer are caffiene free. [ I Have sent an email to them asking about there product and if crush cream soda did contain caffeine, and it does not. Finally there is an answer on the web!]

Has Justin Bieber ever had a crush on a fan?

no but he has thought many were cute. but he has only asked out one.

What do you do if the guy you like likes one of your best friend?

get a new crush You tell that friend that you like him, and if she goes after him, she's not your best friend. If she backs off, then you'll be ok.

Is this email a reliable crush hey boy ive been thinking about you have you noticed me. i just want you to love me. xx?

depends who sent it.

How do you tell your best friend you have a crush on the person they have a crush on?

If he/she is truly you're best friend then you need to be honest with him/her and hope that he/she understands. Back when I was in high school my best friend and I also had a crush on the same guy. When she finally told me that she also liked him I thought it was a bit disrespectful and rude to start off with but you can help who you have a crush on. So, we would both sit across the school yard from our crush and giggle and talk about how much we liked him and how hot we thought he was. It ended up being a lot of fun for us both. So basically you just need to be honest. If she chooses to not be your friend anymore because of this then you know that she isn't a true friend. Best friends should come first in this case. You never know, it could all work out fine. Good luck :) I hope this helped

What if your crush thinks of you as a sister?

try to flirt more and seem like you want to be thought of a different way

What do you do if you had a crush on your friend who you thought was gay but you just found out that he wasn't and he likes you now?

date him. if u like him. :)