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Truthfully I can't think of a reasonable answer for this question. But how long has he been avoiding you?If it's been awhile (a week or two weeks or even a month) than he may have lost interest. If it's a day or two then he may have not seen you...may be he has different things on his mind...Also maybe he was just trying to prove a point (maybe he got shy or thought you weren't intersted) or he is just playing games with you..No matter what the answer is don't wait too long for him to come around..Find a new guy!

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Q: Why is it that a man glances at you and smiles and you smile back and now he seems to avoid you?
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What is the plural for smile?

The plural of smile is smiles :)

What is it mean when a boy seems to be enjoying your company and smiles when you smile?

that boy likes you or wants to be your friend

Is smile a pronoun?

No, the word 'smile' is a noun (smile, smiles) and a verb (smile, smiles, smiling, smiled).EXAMPLESnoun: She has a beautiful smile.verb: I saw him smile at you.

What is the plural of smile?


Can you change the world?

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What part of speech is the word smiles?

Smiles can be a noun or a verb. Noun: the plural of smile. "There were smiles all around the room." Verb: Third-person singular simple present of the verb smile. "She smiles at the picture"

Is smiled a noun?

No, smiled is the past tense of the verb to smile (smiles, smiling, smiled).He smiled at me.The noun form is smile (smiles).Her smile made me feel better.

What is the present tense of smile?


How should a girl react when a boy glances at her or stares?

she should just smile.

What are the different types of smiles a guy cna give a girl that can mean that they like her or not?

Men smile like women smile. There is no special smiles, but if the man is making eye contact and has a smile he may be interested.

Use smile in a sentence?

As a verb: I love to smile. When I smile at him, he smiles back at me. As a noun: He had a big smile when he saw the cake I had baked for his birthday.

Do Amish people smile?

Yes, everyone smiles.

How do you use smile as a verb?

She smiles at everyone, she smiled at me.

Every time i giggle or smile at this guy i like he smiles at me but when my friend smiles at him he doesn't smile at all why?

well did you ever think he may like you. or hates your friend

Does Taylor Swift ever smile?

yes barley but she smiles just joking.of course she smiles!havn't you seen her pics?she always smiles.

Is the word smile a noun?

Yes, the word smile is a noun, a singular, common noun. Smile is also a verb (smile, smiles, smiling, smiled).

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How would you change the following sentence to avoid gender bias Each nurse I met greeted me with her best smile?

All the nurses I met greeted me with their best smiles.

How do you know when a guy likes you if he glances at you?

It depends how he glances at you. Some people just stare at other people and don't realize they are doing it. The best thing you can do to test the waters with this young man is to smile at him and say hello. If he is interested and seems to be an out-going kind of guy then he will ask you out. If he is shy, you ask him out. Good luck Marcy

Is smiles a state of being verb?

No smile is an action, something you do.

Where is the smiling face today?

It is on our own face when we smile. Smiles are contagious so when we smile it spreads to others

Does a guy like you if you poke him and he smiles?

sometimes it depends on his personality i mean if u poke him and he smiles that might mean that its only a friend smile but if he likes u he'll smile and laugh

What are the signs of a guy liking you?

Well, in my past experience when a guy likes me, he usually glances at me quite often, he smiles at me, he talks to me and flirts and he talks like he cares about me.Yeah. A boy that likes me will stare and smile at me. Trust your instincts! It won't be hard to pick up on his signals.

What do you do if a boy smiles at you?

smile at him back.. that's a really lame question.

What does it mean if a cat smiles at you then licks its paws?

a cat cannot smile...