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When you get married you make a commitment to that person. If you fall in love with another woman in a sense that is cheating because you are breaking that commitment to love and cherish that person. The wife's feelings should be more important than the other woman's because one she is your wife and that should mean something right there and two that when you get married it is a joining of the two people, you become one. So the wife's feelings should be put before the feelings of anyone else. Usually people get married because they love and care for each other. And when you care for someone you put their feelings first.

Also, when you get married not only is it a personal commitment but also a legal one why do you think you need to go to court to get divorced in most cases. It is a written commitment and the vows you make are a binding commitment that is why infidelity will cause you to get nothing in a divorce. Personally if you fall in love with someone else you are in the wrong to begin with you shouldn't put yourself in the position to be unfaithful or fall in love with someone else most people aren't just going to say they are in love by having just a business relationship. And if you are the other woman and you know the man is married you are just as wrong as he is.

When you get married you make a commitment to that person. If you become bored or unhappy with the person you married you should tell them and discuss it openly and honestly, then either decide to make it work with both people doing their best to put things right or decide to end it and separate and then get a divorce. A married man (OR WOMAN) who goes outside the marriage and gets fond of or has sex with someone else is a cheat. They are not being fair to the person they married nor to the other person who is expected to sit around waiting for phone calls or meets when they would be far better off finding an honest person, a more responsible grown up person and a single person!

You also need to look at WHY the man is unhappy in his marriage. He is right to do something about it if he is unhappy, but sneaking around and cheating is childish and cruel and does not solve anything. If the wife is withholding sex and not being nice to him then he will want to have sex with someone else and it is her fault as much as his that the marriage has gone wrong. But he should leave before he finds someone else or sort it out with his wife.

What always exasperates me is that a wife finds out her husband is a user, a fool, childish, selfish and a liar. Yet she still wants him. If the wife does not really love her husband and is taking him for granted then the girlfriend should be put first because she really loves him more than the wife and will make him happier. She would be far more upset if things went wrong than a wife who is only with her husband because of habit or money.

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Q: Why is it that because two people are married and he falls in love with another woman that the relationship is called cheating and the wife's feelings are more important than the other woman?
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If a woman sleeps with another woman when she is in another relationship is that cheating?

If the relationship is exclusive and closed, and her partner does not know what she doing with another person, that is considered cheating regardless of who she sleeps with. If she does this with knowledge and consent of her partner, then it is not. Then, it just means their relationship is open.

What is defined as an important relationship you have with another person?

being trustful with one another and never cheating on some one is always good just remember be yourself

Is telling another man you are in love with him cheating?

If you are in a relationship, yes. If he's the only one in a relationship, you are either hoping he ends it to be with you or wanting a reciprocation of your feelings. You wouldn't have been honest with him unless you were hoping he would want to pursue an emotional and possibly sexual relationship with you.

What if a boy stares at you talks to you laughs with you but he has a girlfriend does he like YOU?

He may have feelings for you, but if he has a girlfriend, do not do anything that could be misconstrued as "cheating." He has to figure out for himself who he wants to be with (assuming you like him back) and you don't want to start a relationship based on him hurting another girl by cheating.

Is sexually suggestive texting another woman cheating?

An individual does not have to have a sexual relationship physically to cheat and yes, sexually suggestive texting another woman is cheating.

Is kissing another person called cheating if your in a relationship?

it depends are you going out with the person you kissed.if you are then you are cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Why do I feel like cheating on my boyfriend?

Usually people feel like cheating on their significant other because they feel there is something lacking in their relationship. This may be that he doesn't give you as much attention anymore, that he doesn't treat you the same way or even that you have lost your sexual attraction to him. Whatever the reason, you should talk to your partner about whatever it is you feel is missing from your relationship. Cheating is never a good idea, it just causes feelings of betrayal and hurt in the one being cheated on, and feelings of guilt in the one cheating. Always end one relationship before starting another, or everyone involved is getting cheated out of something special.

Should yu tell your ex your still have feelings for them even if your in another relationship?

If you have feelings for your ex, but are in a relationship, i suggest you break up with your current girlfriend/boyfriend, and see if your ex still has feelings....

When your girlfriend is talking to another guy she says is just a friend would she be cheating on you?

Do you have friends who are girls? Are you cheating with them? A healthy relationship relies on trust, as well as on a reasonable circle of friends. If your girlfriend is talking to another guy and this indicates to you she is cheating you need to look carefully at your feelings here. Do you believe every man your girl talks to is a rival, or is there something about this particular man that bothers you? If the latter is the case, discuss it with your girl in an open and friendly manner. Otherwise, try to keep your feelings of jealousy in check.

What consitutes cheating in a relationship?

The textbook definition of cheating is to be sexually unfaithful. Some people in committed relationships define cheating as getting physically or emotionally involved with another person.

If you take a break from your relationship and go out with other guy is that cheating?

No. Taking a break from a relationship is another word for breaking up for a while.

What are some common relationship problems?

Common relationship problems are trust, communication and honesty. One cannot simply trust another if a partner is going out to be with friends and assume they are cheating behind their partner's back. Another is communication where they even find themselves not on the same page where the relationship is still premature. People fail to understand one's feelings and will attack them brutally without question.

If a mate is implying you are cheating should you question whether they are cheating?

* No, this does not mean that your mate is cheating because they are implying you are. If you are not cheating then they may have had a past experience (even one parent cheating on another) and they fear you are cheating. Some mates can be extremely jealous of the opposite sex coming anywhere near their partner and both reasons given is due to insecurity. Communication is the most important thing you will ever have in your relationship so the both of you should sit down and you should bluntly ask your mate that you feel they are implying you are cheating and why. If your relationship is mature then it will survive.

How do you know when your cheating in a relationship?

because your doing stuff with another person that you aren't supposed too!

Is cheating a sin if your not married?

if you are in a relationship with another human like being a boyfriend or girlfriend then yes it is

How can you tell when your boyfriend is cheating?

You can tell when you r boyfriend is cheating when he starts talking about another girl a lot, when he is hanging out with another girl more than you, when he talks to another girl more, and when you catch him cheating. But don't accuse him of cheating right when he is talking about another girl because cheating isn't always the case. He might only just have feelings for another girl or has a very good friendship with her; but don't be afraid to ask your boyfriend if anything is going on between them.

How do you know if your girlfriend is cheating on you with another man?

* You have to ask yourself if you are over jealous or your girlfriend has given you reason to make you feel she may be seeing someone else. Communication believe it or not is far more important than sex and it's time you sat down with your girlfriend and discussed how you feel. Don't come out and accuse her of cheating, but let her know you see changes in her and is she happy in your relationship. Listen to what she has to say when she expresses her feelings. If you communicate well you can resolve almost all problems in your relationship.

When a man say he cares but barely answers the phone or do what he say he will do is he cheating?

Is he cheating... Only if specific promises were made; a marriage vow, a request and acceptance of engagement, a mutual agreement that you are in a committed relationship. If none of these took place, the only one cheating anyone is you. Never assume that another person's definition of the relationship is the same as yours. You're cheating him by holding him to promises that he never made; your cheating yourself out of a relationship that is what you believe it is.

Will a woman be unfaithful if she kiss a guy?

if she is in a relationship with a man and kisses another yes that would be cheating/unfaithful.

Is your husband cheating if he is talking everyday to an old girlfriend who lives in another state?

I would say that it is definitely a possibility. Even if he is not or has not physically cheated with her he is emotionally "cheating on your relationship.

What does it mean when a guy answers I do not knowto a question about his relationship?

it means he still has feelings for another girl.

What is considered cheating in a relationship?

A sexual relationship doesn't have to occur to make it cheating. If an individual is going steady with a person or living/married to their partner and they sneak out because they secretly are attracted to another of the opposite sex is cheating! Even if it's strictly petting and no other sexual contact if you are doing it in secret behind your partner's back it's cheating!

Why have your feelings come back for your ex suddenly while your in a relationship?

In some cases when we are in a relationship with the former guy sometimes the feeling you were to hav did not develop at that time but when it is finally over that is when the feelings start to show. When you think you have moved on and is in a happy relationship with another person then maybe, just maybe, you see the qualities you liked in your ex and so the feelings start to return or you did not wait to get over your ex then jumped to another relationship too fast.

What are the characters most important feelings High school musical?

The characters most important feelings in High School Musical are their love for what they do and how they care about one another.

What does it mean when boyfriend cheating on you?

it means that you are in a relationship with your boyfriend, you are his first (it may not be first in all his life but at the currant time.)girlfriend and at the same time he is with another person (woman / girl) dating or in a relationship with that you may not know of or do not know about and that what is call cheating.