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Once the muscle mass has diminished, the body goes into a "crisis mode" and slows metabolism, burning available calories much more slowly. Healthy and effective weight lossrequires exercise and a balanced diet.

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Q: Why is it that bulimia sometimes doesn't actually cause weight loss?
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How does exerise equipment cause bulimia?

Exercise equipment does not cause bulimia, low self-esteem and respect for your body causes bulimia. However, often times bulimics over-exercise in their attempt to lose weight, so exercise and bulimia can sometimes be paired together.

What does bulimia cause?

Bulimia causes extreme weight loss.

Does weight often fluctuate when you have bulimia?

actually no, you tend to stay about the same, in a lot of cases people stay at a normal to slighly overweight weight.

If you have bulimia is drastic weight loss ever not seen?

This is actually really common with bulimia (binging and purging), which is often why it's hard to detect. From my understanding, a person with bulimia usually consumes enough calories to maintain their weight. When a person binges, they are consuming excess calories, so when they purge they are getting rid of these EXCESS calories, preventing them from gaining weight, but not making them lose weight.

How does a person develop bulimia?

If a person often makes themselves sick to loose weight, they have bulimia so I guess a person develops bulimia from a desire to loose weight

Which makes you lose weight faster bulimia or anorexia?

Anorexia will generally cause faster weight lossthan bulimia will.

Are people with bulimia always thin?

No. Most people with bulimia are at a normal weight range.

What are consequences of bulimia and anorexia?

Possible death, you'll actually gain weight due to water retention, & many health issues.

What does extreme loss of weight called?


Will bulimia cause weight gain?

Normally bulimia causes weight lossbut in some cases it can cause you to gain weight because your body begins to retain the food that your trying to get rid of in order to help you keep your weight.

What is losing weight by throwing up called?


What is anorexia and bulimia?

Anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders in which the person is affraid any weight gain. Even if they are very skinny.

How close to a healthy weight do people with bulimia usually stay?

Purging doesn't get rid of all the calories, actually hardly any unfortunately. Thus, most bulimics are either a healthy weight or overweight.

What should you do if bulimia doesn't help you lose weight?

Well, first of all, dont be bulimic, it will just hurt you. Diet and exercise are less extreme Second of all, if bulimia doesnt help, pills. And all that fat free food. That will help tremendously. And some total.

Will you gain a lot of weight during bulimia recovery?

It is possible.

Can one have an eating disorder and not be concerned about their weight?

yes. Eating disorders aren't actually about weight but more about control. The weight loss can become the focus, but with regards to bulimia and binge eating disorder, it's more of a way to deal with emotions.

What emotional disorder is signaled by severe weight loss or failure to gain weight?

Anorexia, bulimia.

Why does feather float in air?

It doesnt actually float. It just falls slowly due to its light weight.

Can Prozac cause weight loss or gain weight?

It depends on the person. Prozac is sometimes used to treat anorexia and bulimia. It occasionally causes some people to gain a little weight but it occasionally causes others to lose a little weight. Most people don't see a significant change in their weight.

What is anorxia?

Anorexia is disorder that is a type of mental health disorder. It has to do with body image and obsession about weight. It is sometimes also associated with another disorder called bulimia which is about binging and purging.

Does bulimia couse intense fear of gaining weight?

yes, this is the entire base reason of this disorder. Google "Bulimia" and educate yourself and others.

How many pounds can you lose by being bulimia?

if you are thinking of turning to bulimia to lose weight DONT! You are foolish! Your more likely to put on the weight from purging using laxatives and binge eating than losing..!

What is a risky way to lose weight?

Self Starvation--Anorexia Eating then vomiting--Bulimia Overexercising--Exercise bulimia Dieting is a temporary way to lose weight. Talk to your doctor about a diet plan that is right for you.

Is bulimia more difficult to detect than anorexia?

Yes. Anorexia is evident in the not eating & drastic weight loss. Bulimia can be hidden for YEARS & years!

How much weight does bulimia make you lose in one week?

None. You will actually gain weight due to water retention and the fact that in order for you to be diagnosed with bulimia nervosa you have to take in somewhere between 10,000-20,000 calories with every binge. And by the way, whenever you throw up you are only throwing up about half or less calories than what you took in.