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Why is it that every time after you eat your stomach still growls?

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It growls because when food is in your stomach your stomach churns up your food, and when it is empty it growls. Welcome to the wonderful world of DIGESTION. If you've enjoyed some of the foods and/or beverages that contribute to a gassy buildup - beans and Carbonated Beverages - you can expect that there will be some methane created later in the day.

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What happens if your stomach growls all the time?

Nothing. Just eat.

What animal issues do you have?

my bigest animal issues woul have to be my dog Paco because he growls every time i walk passed him ,precious angel Jackson

What to do when stomach makes rumbling noises?

it means ur hungry like duh ^^yes, it can mean you're hungry, but it can mean a variety of other things. Most often when your stomach growls, you should probably eat soon because that signifies your stomach is beginning the process of eating itself. If you have already eaten and your stomach still growls, you might be gassy, because it's the sound of air passing through your intestines. If you've eaten a very large meal, it could be your stomach expanding. Most stomach rumbing is perfectly normal and is a notification of the digestive process and the other things I have already mentioned, but if your grumbling is ccompanied by stomach pain, nausea or excessive gas, it is slightly abnormal and you should watch it. If your grumbling is persisting for long periods of time, and is accompanied by any of these symptoms, consider consulting a health proffesional. Hope i helped :$

Are stomach muscles voluntary or involuntary?

It is most definitely involuntary. You do not have to make your stomach contract every time you eat something.

Poking your stomach every time she passes me in school?

It sounds as though she is interested in you.

Where should your stomach hurt if your pregnant?

i been feeling a kick in my stomach snd i been feeling sick but i seen my period every month and every time i eat it make me sick

Dog upset stomach?

Give dog cooked plain white rice, it will absorb stomach acid, it is easy to digest and will settle the dogs stomach. Works every time.

What happens if you have a stomach ache every time you eat?

exchange of gases and other nutrients

You have stomach pains and poop every time you drink beer?

Stop drinking beer.

Is your stomach a voluntary or involuntary muscle?

It most definitely an involuntary muscle. You don't have to focus on contracting your stomach every time after you eat. Your body does that by itself.

What does it mean when you feel sick to your stomach every time you take a bite of something?

Your stomach should not hurt every time you eat. You need to be checked by a doctor to make sure you don't have an illness, food allergy, food sensitivity, or some other problem.

What should you do about your dog that only growls when he meets new people?

u should feed him that time

Why do you Feel pressure pain on chest area every time you swallow?

you must just have a stomach bug.

Can man live without stomach?

noYes I had my stomach removed over 12 years ago and am still living a good life (most of the time). I also have Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

How does laughing help grow abs?

yes because every time you laugh you tighten your stomach muscles and little by little it will grow muscle (that feeling when your laughing and your stomach starts hurting)

How can you move and not move at the same time?

By breathing your stomach goes up and down and also your heart is still moving.

Is it bad that after every time you eat you get a stomach ache?

Yes, but there is not enough information to give an adequate answer. Please see a doctor.

Does Leonardo DiCaprio get a stomach ache from time to time?

Yes. Sometimes his stomach hurts.

What are the signe of Impaction Colic in horses?

spending a lot of time on its back, constantly kicking at its stomach, lying down for long periods of time, not staying still

You have been feeling sick to your stomach the same time every night for the past 4 days is that considered morning sickness?


Why do i get Severe heartburn every time you eat?

the acidity is out of kilter in your stomach. Need to balance the acid content and the heartburn will go away.

Does serrapeptase upset ones stomach?

I have had upset every time I have used Serrapeptase for a couple of days. I don't think everyone experiences this, but I did.

Is it normal to have your stomach hurt every time the baby moves at 17 weeks?

You are maybe maybe suffering from braxton hicks contraction.

What does it mean when you vomit after every time you eat and your stomach feels like its burning?

it means that you have to much acid in your stomach and ,it needs to get well. what i would say is drink some cold water until it is gone.

Your dog barks and growls at you every time you walk into the room but not at anyone else in the family you have not done anything to hurt the dog what can you do to fix this behavior?

What you can do is whenever you enter a room with your dog, give it a good amount of praise or treats. This way, it will want to be happy with you and expect you with a wagging tail all the time.

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