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Why is it that front end vibrates at speeds 40 Mph or over new tires new alignment still vibrates more when you step on the gas pedal?

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Bad CV joint? How about a bad steering box?

2006-08-15 15:55:07
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How does the normal pedal feel when the abs is activated during hard brake?

The brake pedal vibrates.

Brake pedal vibrates when sitting still?

Check for vacuum leak at brake booster

Abs stays on and steering wheel vibrates on all stops?

make sure your brake pads are in good condition, a vibration in the brake pedal indicates a warped rotor to include worn front disk pads, make sure your front tires are not going bald, because they will do just as much vibration as a warped rotor when stepping on the brake pedal.

Brake pedal vibrates?

Most likely rotors are "out of round" and need to be either re-surfaced or replaced.

Tahoe 1996 vibrates when on drive and brake pedal apply?

Sounds like a Vacuum leak in brake booster.

When traveling over 55 mph the car will begin to shake but will stop shaking when you release the gas pedal do you need a front-end alignment or is the problem with the motor mounts?

Try having the wheels balanced.

Whats the shift pattern for an ultra classic?

* Front pedal down = 1. Back pedal down = 2,3,4,5. Neutral between 1 and 2. * Front pedal, no further movement, 1st. Back pedal, no further movement, 5th.

Are some beach cruisers easier to pedal than others?

This is an interesting question, and the answer is yes. Some beach cruisers are much easier to pedal than others and there are a few reasons for this. The big reason has to do with the gear ratio, the configuration of the front chainwheel to the rear sprocket on the rear wheel. On the chainwheel there are teeth, which refer to the pieces that hold the chain place. Depending on how many teeth are on front Chainwheel and the Rear Sprocket will dictate on how hard or easy it is to pedal. Putting that in simpler terms it is basically dependent on the configuration the bike has. Based on that, a bike can be easier or harder to pedal, just like how on a 21 speed bike it is easier to pedal in first gear and harder to pedal in 21st gear. The first gear is for going up hills and the 21st if when a rider wants to go very fast. Even among single speed speeds there is a big difference in how hard or easy they are to pedal. I prefer my single speeds to easy to pedal. I've added a link of some very smooth pedaling cruisers.

Why does gas pedal vibrate on Saturn sl2?

There can be many reasons so to why the pedal vibrates. You may have bad motor mounts, or the throttle cable mount can be loose. There is no sping located at the pedal, instread it is on the throttle body. Make sure everything is bolted down correctly and tightly

Where is neutral safety switch on 2002 jeep grand?

either behind or in front of the arm of your brake pedal. Follow the brake pedal up until you find a box, either in front of or behind the brake pedal. You will find that the box has a button on it that is activated by your brake pedal, that is the neutral safety switch.

Could someone tell why you get a rattling noise when stepped on the pedal even at slower speeds Toyota carina 96?

I had a 96 Carina e with a knock/rattle from the front end. Turned out to be anti-roll bar linings. Cost

Where is the master cylinder on a 1989 winnebago superchief?

In front of the brake pedal.

How do you depress front disk brakes on a ford?

Step on the brake pedal.

Why would you have signal lights and tail lights but no brake lights?

Could be a blown fuse Check the stop light switch usually located at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash are for operation and alignment Could be a blown fuse Check the stop light switch usually located at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash are for operation and alignment

What would cause a 94 Ford Escort to make loud noise when pushing the gas pedal after hitting a pothole on the freeway?

Does the noise happen all the time you push on the gas pedal or only at certain speeds?

1995 Corsica comes to a stop brake pedal vibrates and car rolls a few feet?

Sounds like the anti-lock brake system. best to have a professional look at it.

Why does brake pedal pulsates and seat vibrates while braking?

More than likely you have a warped disc brake rotor. Recommend seeing a mechanic for brake repair or replacement.

Does the BMX bike has breackes?

most bmx bikes dont have front brakes now ans if you pedal backward and it has pedal brakes its not a bmx bike

What has the author Phillip Atkinson Costain written?

Phillip Atkinson Costain has written: 'A road test comparison of reaction times using the combined brake-accelerator pedal and the conventional brake pedal at varying speeds and road conditions'

How do you fix the brake switch on a 1998 Nissan Sentra?

Replace or check adjustment or alignment Usually located at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

Why does my brake pedal bounce when i press it?

when your brake pedal moves up and down when you press the pedal ,usually it is a warped brake rotor or a loose bearing on one or both brake rotors Warped front disk brake rotors.

When you step on your gas pedal your car vibrates WHY?

Have it checked at a shop as soon as possible. If you have a rear wheel drive car you could have a bent drive line or the universals in it are bad and can break at any time. If they break you will have to replace the driveline also so take it in as soon as posible. If you have a front wheel drive the CV joints may be worn out.

Where is the brake light sensor on a 92 Honda accord ex?

All brake light sensors are switches connected to the brake pedal. its a switch that is mounted on the front of the pedal on the top.

How do you stop the break paddle from vibrating?

If the BRAKE PEDAL of your vehicle is vibrates, you need new brake pads or rotors, or both, and soon so you don't lose all brake power while you are driving.

Why do my brake pedal and steering wheel shake while braking at higher speeds?

Probably warped brake rotors. They can be removed and resurfaced or replaced with new ones.