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Mostly whenever a man just ups and accuses his girlfriend or wife of cheating without talking to them first is because they either heard something about you, doesn't trust you,or is cheating themselves.

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Q: Why is it that men accuse their girlfriends or wives of cheating without talking to them first?
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Why does boyfriends accuse of cheating?

cause we can tell

Why does your boyfriend accuse you of cheating?

He is insecure and not sure of the way you feel towards him.

How to cope when somebody accuse of cheating on the test?

deny it if you havent done it

How can you tell when your boyfriend is cheating?

You can tell when you r boyfriend is cheating when he starts talking about another girl a lot, when he is hanging out with another girl more than you, when he talks to another girl more, and when you catch him cheating. But don't accuse him of cheating right when he is talking about another girl because cheating isn't always the case. He might only just have feelings for another girl or has a very good friendship with her; but don't be afraid to ask your boyfriend if anything is going on between them.

Do women who cheat on there men accuse the men of cheating also?

Yes. Gender does not matter, whenever someone is cheating they become paranoid that the other person is cheating also. Either that, or they are trying to make it seem like they would never cheat on you. Therefore, yes, women and men will accuse the other of cheating if they are cheating. Not always does this occur, but usually it happens.

How do you kno when you boyfriend is cheating on you?

If you suspect he's not being 100% honest with you, follow him & find out. A relationship with no trust is no rel at all. I wouldn't accuse without proof.

Why do an ex-boyfriend accuse you of cheating?

because they just want you back

When you accuse your live in boyfriend of cheating and now he is accusing you Did he really cheat and is that why he is accusing you?


Is talking to another woman called adultery?

That would depend on what you are talking about and what you are thinking about! No, it is not. If it was, you would be commiting adultery every time a female shop assistant asked if you need help packing your shopping. Adultery involves sexual relations between at least one married person and another person. ANSWER: Talking to a woman is not cheating or committing adultery. If it is woman can not talk to a man without being accuse of adultery as well.

How do you make a sentence with accuse?

"Don't accuse me of putting that frog in your shoe without proof!"

What to do tell your boyfriend if you were not talking to another guy?

Something like this: I wasn't talking to another dude or the dude you accuse of talking to.

How will you know if my partner has been sleeping around?

one of the common give aways is that they accuse you of cheating

How do you tactfully accuse your girlfriend of cheating on you with her brother?

Shoot her then tell your brother she got run over

What do you do if you accuse some one of cheating on you and they get mad because they haven't?

be sure before you accuse them of cheating that they have cheated. if you're sure enough and have enough proof and still the get mad at you,then they definitely are dominating you to hide the truth. don't get influenced by their wrath,counter them and ask the questions.

What if you accuse your bf of cheating but he denies it what if he denies even liking the girl and he tells you he loves you?

Then he probably is cheating on you and he told you he loved you to change the subject and make you frget about it

Signs of cheating in long distance relationship?

If they accuse you of always being with other people and get mad at you for no reason

Why does a woman accuse a man of cheating on her?

Could it be that you did something in the past that hurt her. Or maybe something happen to her in the past before you came along that made her not to trust people. But you can do the right thing by talking to her. Don't let your imagination play tricks on you, talking is a lot more better than just wondering.

How to tell girl is cheating?

To tell if a girl is cheating or not there are many ways. If you get to know from someone about cheating you should stalk her. See if there are any behavioral changes or not.

Is it true that if he's not cheating he will get mad?

Do you mean if you accuse him of cheating & he's not will he get mad ? If so i think he has every right to get mad because you are wrongly accusing him but make sure he gives proof that he isn't cheating before you believe him .

What if you think your wife has cheated without penitration?

* You have to be careful when to accuse a spouse of cheating when you don't have proof. Second guessing can get you into trouble. It would be wise to discuss your concerns with your wife. If she denies cheating and you have reason to feel that she is you can either hire a detective to follow her when she goes out or you can take a friend and follow her yourself.

What do you do if your boyfriend accuse you of cheating on him?

Obviously he doesn't trust you and that could be a problem in your relationship.Maybe you shouldn't give him a reason not to trust you.

How do you know if you girlfriends cheating on you?

She'll probably become distant, less interested in your relationship and future and will want to spend less time with you. You'll notice a drastic change in her affection towards you but the best thing to do is talk. Don't immediatly accuse her, but casually drop it into a conversation when there is nothing on her mind. Treat her well, respect her answer, and don't lose it if you find out she is actually cheating. Good Luck x

What do you do if you think your dad is cheating on your mom?

If you feel brave, confront your dad about his possible cheating. But make sure you know for sure first, you wouldn't want to falsely accuse him of anything. If you feel comfortable talking to your mom then do that. But remember whatever happens, that is their issue not yours so make sure you don't get stuck in the middle if it turns out to be true.

How do you know when your spouse is cheating on facebook?

They will have a "complicated" relationship status, when you confront them about it, they will question you, and when you try and fight back they will accuse YOU of cheating. They will hide their profile to certain people, including you.

Why do you accuse her of cheating?

You cannot accuse a person of cheating unless you have proof positive such as pictures of her with someone else kissing in a public area, etc. Listening to friends tell you she is cheating is considered hearsay (secondhand information and may not be true.) Cheating can mean different things to different individuals such as: If your wife/girlfriend met an old friend or was with a male coworker and a friend of yours saw them somewhere this does not mean she is having an affair even if she gives that person a quick kiss or a hug.