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Aa and pahoehoe lavas are both basaltic in composition. The lava from composite volcanoes is likely to be granitic.

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Is pahoehoe lava only found in Hawaii?

No. Many shield volcanoes produces pahoehoe.

Do shield volcanoes have pahoehoe lava?

Not always. Shield volcanoes produce basaltic lava, which can form into either pahoehoe or a'a. Sometimes both are found in the same lava flow.

How does pahoehoe form?

Pahoehoe lava forms by small pieces of lava from an irregular flow. It is typical in certain types of volcanoes such as shield volcanoes.

What are two types of volcanoes?

composite volcanoes and shield volcanoes

Why would pahoehoe and a'a lava erupt from shield volcanoes?

Pahoehoe and a'a are textural variaties of basaltic lava, which has a low viscosity, meaning it flows fairly easily. This is the reason for the gentle slopes of shield volcanoes.

What are three kinds of volcanoes?

. Shield Volcanoes, Cinder Cone volcanoes, and Composite Volcanoes .

How are shield volcanoes and composite volcanoes alike?

Both shield and cinder cone volcanoes primarily erupt basaltic lava.

Compare shield volcanoes to composite volcanoes?

composite and sheild volcanoes are both formed by lava flows and their hights are in the thousands.

Are shield volcanoes tall?

No. Compared to composite and cinder cone volcanoes, shield volcanoes are very short. Mauna Loa in Hawaii is a shield volcano.

What is the difference between a shield volcano and a composite volcano?

Shield Volcanoes erupt less violently and flows further then composite volcanoes. A composite volcano erupts more violently.

What are the 3 types of volcanoes and compare and contrast them?

the 5 volcanoes are the shield cinder composite spatter complex the main and usually are the shield/cinder and composite

Are stravolcanos cinder shield or composite volcano?

Stratovolcanoes are composite volcanoes.

What are the three types of volocanoes?

Shield Volcanoes, Cinder Cone volcanoes, and Composite Volcanoes.

What are 3 types of volcanoes?

3 types of volcanoes are shield, cone, and composite volcanoes.

What do compoaite and shield volcanoes have in common?

Composite volcanoes can have quiet eruptions (runny lava), and shield volcanoes always have quiet eruptions.

What are the 3types of volcanoes?

1. Shield Volcanoes 2. Composite Volcanoes 3. Cinder Cone Volcanoes

What are three types of volcanoes?

Three types of volcanoes are Cinder Cone Volcanoes, Shield Volcanoes and Composite Volcanoes.

What types of volcanoes are in New Mexico?

Composite, Cinder cones, and Shield Volcanoes.

What 2 types of volcanoes are there?

There are two main types of volcanoes: shield and composite.

3 types of volcanic cones?

Shield Volcanoes Composite Volcanoes Cinder Cone Volcanoes

What are 3 main volcanoes?

Shield Composite Caldera

Pyroclasic materials from shield volcanoes?

Pyroclastic flows don't come from shield volcanoes. They come from cinder cone and sometimes composite volcanoes. Shield volcanoes only erupt runny lava.

What are the 3 classification of volcanoes?

The three types or classifications of volcanoes is Shield Volcanoes, Cinder Cone volcanoes, and Composite Volcanoes.

What type of vocanoes are there?

composite volcanoes shield volcanoes cinder cone volcanoes spatter cone volcanoes complex volcanoes

What are the 3 types of valcones?

The three types of volcanoes are shield volcanoes, Cinder cone volcanoes, and composite volcanoes

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