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That's an interesting perspective. I disagree with it, but I suppose that from that perspective you could say that the Public has a love-hate relationship with the press. They want the news, but they also respect privacy, and thus "threaten" journalists. Personally, I have never threatened a journalist, or known anyone who has... but then, I am not a celebrity, and I don't watch the news. To me, I think that there are ways to get stories without invading people's personal lives. Good reporting and research gets you a lot of information without sneaking around and breaking into people's houses. Perhaps there is a group of reporters that make a bad name for the rest?

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Finance jobs will always be in demand because the field of finance is one that will always be available and there will always need to be people well qualified in financial matters.

Is there a demand for computer jobs today?

There is always a demand for computer related jobs. In this ever changing technological world, people who work on or with computers are always going to be needed. The world needs these people.

What is governments role when people threaten other citizens?

What is governments role when people threaten other citizens?

Something that people want will almost always be somewhat scarce no matter how much of it physically exists because?

If there is something that people want, it will almost always be somewhat scare, no matter how much of it physically exists because of high demand. High demand always leads to low supplies.

What do dictators do to the journalists and writers?

Dictators are usually known to arrest journalists and only what they want people to read will be in the press.

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Most wildfires do threaten human lives. Maybe not because the fire is close to there home but the smoke and ash in the air is dangerous and can cause breathing issues in elderly people, people with asthma or other breathing problems, children.

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Social media has changed how journalists tell the news because it doesn't always get on television fast enough. People want their news as it happens, so using Twitter and Facebook helps spread the word to people faster and over a larger audience.

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What is the name for people that wright stories for newspapers?


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people that threaten them

Do people threaten the Great Barrier Reef?


What are the people called that write newspaper articles?

editors, journalists, colomnists

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animalsthreaten people when they feel like the people are threatening them.

When there is excess demand there is what?

Excess demand always leads to inflation. Think of it like this. You are selling an Xbox, and 5 people want that xbox. you can only sell it once, therefore you raise the price until only 1 or 2 people can buy the product. You make a bigger profit. This is inflation, which is the effect of excess demand.

How did they get the Japanese into internment camps?

Force or threaten the Japanese-People

What does Brittney vanhoose threaten people of doing?

To struggle you....what a tard.

What part did muckrakers play in the industrial revolution?

They were to get the dirt on people

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as long as there are sick people DOCTORS will always be in demand. The medical schools are getting more competitive and more people want to be doctors over the past 10 years because of women involvement. about a decade ago, they were mostly men.

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Insurance recruiters always seem to be in demand. The problem with this, however, is that insurance recruiters generally work off of commission and with the economy the way it is, the number of people purchasing insurance is decreasing.

Will there always be a demand for inferior goods?

Yes, there will always be some demand for inferior goods; some people will always have lower incomes that force them to consume the inferior goods. However, the demand for these goods can fluctuate based on GDP and the general state of the economy.

Does desertification threaten the livelihood of the Gobi desert people?

desertinfection does threaten the existence to the Golgi People because the Golgi people that live in the dessert need sand to survive, and when we are taking that away from them, they will die.... Hope I answered you question :)

Because of the law of demand the demand curve always slopes?

given that the demand curve is for a normal good then this is the case as prices increase people will be willing to consume less of the good. If the good is a giffen good then this will not be the case an in fact the demand curve may either remain straight or will curve upwards as prices increase.