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Part of this is simply your fault as well. It doesn't take long to know someone is jealous and controlling. This girl is not weak at all, but you were and you should have made it perfectly clear when it started you weren't going to take this behavior from her! You should have split up with her a long time ago. If she is bothering you have a talk with her and try to be nice, but if she doesn't get the message then you are going to have to be blunt with her and tell her to leave you alone! If she starts to stalk you or cause trouble at places you may bump into her, then tell her you're quite willing to press charges against her if she doesn't stop this behavior.

2006-07-24 08:32:18
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If someone makes you jealous in love what it means?

typically the person being jealous has some emotional issues. Jealousy is not good in a relationship of any kind. Some people think that if they are jealous it means they care, it does not. Often times it means the jealous person is controlling, oppressive or even worse. Stay away from jealousy at all costs!

What makes a person jealous in their relationship?

You crushed on him/her.

What do you do if you ex is dating another person and you are jealous?

If you still like that person then make her or him jealous by going out with there friend or something that will make them jealous. But if your just jealous and you dont like that person than just forget about it. this as been answered by Austin Bissonnette

What do you do when the person you are dating gets jealous?

Jealousy is a worthless emotion. If the person you are dating gets jealous, then it may not be a healthy relationship.

How to move on after a break up?

It's simple you must forget the person! And forget your past relationship with that person.

How does a third person effect a relationship?

Well that 3rd person myt like one of the people in a relationship and get jealous From courtney 12 yrs old :)

How do you get someone to stop being jealous of your relationship with someone else so that you can kiss your Gilrfriend without the jealous person getting upset?

Tell that jealous person that if they really liked you then they would only want you to be happy, and that your girlfriend makes you happy.

Is Beyonce a controlling person?

yes she is a controlling person in life

How do you know if the person ypu love is playing mind controlling games on you?

Mum says if you are uncomfortable end the relationship.

How do you get a person jealous?

you have 2 really annoy them Answer You can act however you want; being jealous depends on the other person's take on the situation. I realize that I am older, but it seems like a worthless enterprise. After all, if the other person was that into you, there would already be a relationship.

Can a person forget the past that was hurtful to them?

yes but sometimes it may take awhile depending how deep the relationship was

You are seeing a guy who lives with his gfriend of 12 yrs been seeing him for 3 of those yrs he says he is not happy with her and it is hard to break it off she is controlling person?

No, she is not a controlling person. He is the one who will not break off the relationship. It sounds more like he's using you for "something on the side" while he stays with her for reasons unknown. If anyone is controlling it is him controlling you, at least for the last 3 years.

How do guys get jealous?

guys get jealous when he has feelings for another person and that person hangs out with the opposite sex.

Is Vanessa Hudgens jealous?

She is known not to be a jealous person and is happy with who she is and what she has.

What happens when a controlling person and an alcoholic form a relationship?

I can't imagine that it would be a peaceful situation, especially if the controlling person wants to change the alcoholic. Alcoholics really don't want anyone trying to control them or their drinking habits and controlling people have a hard time accepting that they can't change people themselves. Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Anon might help, but without serious changes, the relationship is bound to be rocky.

When the controlling person leaves the relationship first?

Be thankful! Who wants to be controlled constantly. Don't relax yet, because controlling people feel anyone or anything they come into contact with is their property and this person could well try to slide back into your life. Don't let them!

Is it good to be jealous?

I think being jealous is okay but i think so many people get wound up about being jealous of one person that they chose to not like the person because they are either jealous of what they have or jealous of who they yes it is okay to be jealous but no its is not okay to be cruel to someone over jealousy! :)

What is the best way to make a boy jealous?

To go out with another guy or just be all flirty to other guys and be sure that he sees it! An adult view: The best way is not to try at all. Men who are easily made jealous just because you're talking to someone else have a tendency to be controlling, often to the point of physical and/or emotional abuse. Not only that, but in flirting with someone else just to make someone jealous, you are leading that person on, and possibly leading to hurt and/or resentment--a dangerous situation. If you feel you have to make someone jealous to get their attention, perhaps you need to re-think the whole relationship.

What does it mean when someone tells you not even after you say I am jealous?

I think it means that the person saying it thinks he won't even be jealous after the other person says they're jealous.

Why do people love so madly that the person whom they love feel it as a torture?

When a person loves someone very deeply it means they are truly in love with that person. However, if the person who is deeply in love with the other person is possessive; jealous or doesn't give them head space then this makes the relationship for the other person torture by feeling suffocated and the relationship generally does not work out.

What do you call a person that controls a machine?

A person controlling a machine is called an 'Operator' think of it as Operating a machine, not controlling it.

Why do you man keeps tabs on their woman?

Because they are controlling and guilty themselves! Stay away from them neither person in a relationship should control neither one!

What do you call a person that control a machine?

A person controlling a machine is called an 'Operator' think of it as Operating a machine, not controlling it.

Is it ok to have a crush on someone else and already be in a relationship?

Well what I think is if you have a relationship with someone that that person is the only person you like and have feelings for. But if you do have a crush on someone dont act on it, or talk to the person you are in a relationship and tell him/her what you are feeling and see what they say...But its best to forget about the crush because you are in a relationship. But if you dont want to be in the relationship you are in then break up with the person in a kind way and then go for your crush, but to tell you the truth I would stay with the person your in the relationship with because the person you have a crush on might not like you back and then you lose the person you were dating and the person you liked, so you could basically lose both of them.

What does Independence Day celebrate?

Your break of dependence on another foreign power or some kind of an overseer or controller. For USA we celebrate our Independence from Great Britain and our birth of our country, A person can celebrate independence from a controlling substance such as drugs, gambling, booze, pornography, or a controlling person/relationship for example.