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The sensation of falling as you fall asleep is known as hypnagogic myoclonic twitch or "Hypnic jerk".

Most experts agree that this is a natural part of the sleeping process, much like slower breathing and a reduced heartbeat. The occurance is well known and has been well documented. However, experts are still not completely sure why the body does this.

There are some theories as to why this happens:

"One is that hypnic jerks are a natural step in the body's transition from alertness to sleep. As you drift off, your body goes through some physiological changes to prepare for a few hours of restoration. Your breathing rate changes. Your temperature may change. And your muscle tone changes, too. Hypnic jerks, the theory goes, may just be a byproduct of that muscular transition."

"Second theory says that, as you slide toward sleep, there's a point at which your muscles really let go. Your brain, which after all did evolve from a reptile brain, interprets this rush of relaxation data as a sure sign that you're falling down. And it tells your arms and legs to thrash around and keep you upright"

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Q: Why is it that sometimes when you are falling asleep you feel like you're falling?
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Why do you sometimes feel like you're jumping off a cliff in your dream and then jolt awake?

This sounds like a slight variation on the "Falling" dream. Sleep researchers theorize that falling dreams result from the subconscious mind being aware of "falling asleep" and turning that expression into a dream of literally falling.

What does in mean when you literally FEEL yourself falling in a dream?

It probably means that you are on the verge of "falling" asleep, but your conscious mind is resisting. Think of all the descriptive ways we describe "falling" asleep: "dropping off" and "sinking into sleep" and "over the edge." All of these things can, in dreams, feel as if you are literally falling, just as you feel as if you can literally see and hear (and less often smell and taste) other dream images.

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Can you cough while asleep?

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What is it called when you feel like you're falling when your lying in bed?

This feeling I don't think has a technical name. When you are almost asleep, and feel like you're falling through the dark, it;s just your muscles relaxing completely.

Why do you feel like fainting when you exercise?

I can assure you that if you feel like falling asleep after an intense workout or fainting. You're doing it right. I suggest drinking a protein shake.

What are the symptoms of sleeping disorders?

If you have difficulty falling asleep at night, wake up frequently, have a hard time falling back asleep, wake up too early in the morning, don't feel refreshed after a night's sleep, are sleepy during the daytime, or are irritable.

my rigth and leg always feel as asleep?

my rigth and leg always feel as asleep

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What does it mean when your falling asleep your body feels like its about to fall in mid air or something?

I'm having the same problem and I wake up and parts of my body r still asleep and feel very weird

What does it mean when you feel like your falling down in a dream?

The sensation of falling, when it occurs as one is drifting off to sleep, can represent the loss of consciousness (wakefulness) and literally express "falling" asleep. Other dreams of falling symbolize feeling out of control. [other comment moved to Discussion.]

What would it mean if you dream that your son is falling asleep in a bath tub filled with water?

This dream suggests that you feel your son is not aware of risks he is taking.

What does it mean when you dream of falling?

Dreams of falling that occur as you are drifting off to sleep represent the conscious mind's resistance to releasing control to the subconscious mind. The dream is a literal image of "falling" in the sense of falling asleep. When they occur at other times during the sleep period, falling dreams mean that you feel out of control in some area of your life.

Why do i shake violently before you fall asleep?

While your falling asleep, your muscles continue to slowly relax, until you reach REM sleep and your body is effectively paralyzed (called REM Atonia). While you are in the pre-sleep stage, sometimes your brain becomes aware that it is falling asleep, and tries to wake up. When this happens, your brain tries to regain the use of your limbs, so you might feel a sudden shock while your legs twitch. On a related note, some people have a condition where they have trouble relaxing their muscles and can't sleep, which is called Restless Leg Syndrome.

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