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To lower the original wide dynamics. Scroll down to related links and look at "Loudness war - Wikipedia".

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What does MP3 stand for?

MP3 = MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 MPEG = Moving Picture Experts Group, which develops standards for digital video and digital audio compression

Difference between analog audio and digital audio?

Difference between analog audio and digital audio?

What is Digital audio coding?

Digital audio coding is the process in which audio is stored and recreated through digital means. It may encorporate digital audio compression, modulation methods and sample resolutions and frequencies.

Yes for digital audio if your Sony has a Digital Coax connection.?

Yes for digital audio if your Sony has a Digital Coax connection.

When was Echo Digital Audio created?

Echo Digital Audio was created in 1980.

When was Digital Audio Tape created?

Digital Audio Tape was created in 1987.

What the differences between midi audio and digital audio?

MIDI is not audio. MIDI is a series of commands such as on, off, volume, decay, etc. MIDI controls audio, but is not audio. Digital audio is audio made out of 1's and 0's (binary code). It's a digital representation of an audio waveform.

How do compress a digital picture to attach to Craigslist?

You don't have to compress it...just use

What is a optical audio cable used for?

An optical audio cable is used to transmit digital audio (AC-3) signal from the source to the receiver, such as from a DVD player to a digital audio amplifier/receiver. You can transmit 5.1 dolby digital or DTS surround sound with an optical audio cable, same as digital coaxial audio cable.

What file format is used to compress digital images?

Usually people compress digital images using JPEG file format (JPEG compression).

How can digital audio be moved from one digital device to another?

Yes, the devices need to have Digital Audio Input and Outputs for this to be possible.

What is a digital audio Jack?

A digital audio jack serves the same purpose as an analog audio jack, only it transmits a signal that is digital (1s and 0s) instead of analog (waveform).

How do you combine 2 digital audio sources into one eg computer and xbox audio into headset?

You will need a digital audio switchbox or a surround sound receiver with 2 digital inputs.

What is the digital out on a PS2?

audio out

Is One purpose of an audio card in a computer is to covert analog audio to digital audio?

Yes, the microphone or line in -input converts your analog signal into digital.

Who invented the digital audio player?

Kane Kramer is the inventor of the digital auto player. The iPod and mp3 players are both DAP's (Digital Audio Players - See Wikipedia)mp3 is the audio file types name only but the mp3 player is a digital audio player and the iPod is just the brand name of Apple Computers digital audio player. These are both digital audio players though, and Kramer invented the Digital Audio Player. The Microsoft Zune was also a digital audio player but whilst Kramer invented the DAP I don't think he worked for Microsoft.I hope this helps and you don't get confused by that if doing a project about iPod's and mp3's like me and my friend did.

What are the different sources of digital audio?

Digital audio can be stored many different types of digital device: • Computer. • MP3 player. • Compact Disc. • DVD.

Which websites sell a Coaxial Digital audio cable?

Coaxial digital audio cable can be purchased from many online stores. Some of the stores that sell coaxial digital audio cable are eBay, Amazon, Extak and Futureshop.

How is digital audio decoded?

To have digital to audio played back it has to be changed back to analog with the use of a DAC or digital to analog converter. The DAC will take the digital signal and try to recreate it as a analog signal.

Is the Motorola Simplefi Wireless Digital Audio Receiver EnergyStar?

The Motorola Simplefi Wireless Digital Audio Receiver is not an EnergyStar product.

What is more common term for digital optical audio cable?

More common terms for digital optical audio cable; optical audio cable, cable, digital optical, but the shortest and most well-known term is "cable".

How is audio used in digital audio?

Audio in a digital domain is used in the same way as in an analog domain. Editing, processing, filtering can all be carried out in similar ways in either domain.

Can digital audio output connect to digital optical audio input?

A coaxial digital output (usually an RCA jack) can connect to a digital optical input using a coaxial to optical digital converter. This is a small box that goes in between the two products.

Is an HDMI splitter compatible with Digital Audio?

HDMI splitter is compatible with Digital Audio. HDMI cables and splitters are carrying audio and video signals without any data loss or downgrading quality.

What audio port connects to external home theatre audio systems providing digital audio output?


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