Why is it warmer in the summer than in winter in the northern hemisphere?

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Short answer. Whether you are in the northern hemisphere OR in the southern hemisphere it is always warmer in the summer than it is in the winter!
What makes it warmer, and summer time? The tilt of the earth creates the seasons as the planet moves around the sun, always tilted to one side. If the earth didn't tilt, no countries would experience their annual variations between summer and winter time. THE ANGLE of the sun to the earth's surface affects the temperature.
  • When the sun is more directly overhead, i.e. in summer time, and not coming from the side, the sun's heat is more concentrated on the earth's surface in those areas, making them really warm.
  • But the other parts of the earth, in the other hemisphere, where the sun's rays come from a lower angle, from a spot nearer the horizon, don't get as hot because the heat from the sun's rays, coming at an angle, is spread over a bigger patch of the earth's surface.
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Why is it warmer in the summer than in the winter?

The Earth is tilted with respect to its orbital plane around the Sun. In Summer north of the equator Earth is tilted toward the Sun, thus receives more direct heat and light. In Summer south of the equator (During winter north of the equator) the south hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun, receivi ( Full Answer )

Why is it warmer in the summer than in winter?

The Earth leans into the sun, sunlight hits at more direct angle and is more effective at heating to Earth's surface. Sun appears high in sky and rays hit more directly, spreading out less light rays.

Why is it warmer in summer than in winter?

It has to do with the Earth's axial tilt. Imagine a plane that lies perfectly aligned with the Earth's orbit, so that the center of the Earth never leaves that plane as the Earth moves around the Sun. The Earth's rotational axis is not perpendicular, or 90º, to that plane. Instead, the axis is ( Full Answer )

Why does the southern hemisphere experience winter and summer solstice in different times than of the northern hemisphere?

As everyone knows the Earth tilts on it's axis at the angle of 66 and half degrees. On 21st December the Earth tilts on it's axis so that the sun would hit the southern hemisphere and then the southern hemisphere would have winter while the northern hemisphere would have winter. So when the sun's ra ( Full Answer )

Why aren't Southern Hemisphere summers warmer than Northern Hemisphere summers?

The Earth is closer to the Sun by about 3 million miles (5 million km) in January than in July. This would seem to make the summer temperatures hotter in the Southern Hemisphere (and the winters colder). However, this is only true of localized regions. Most of the Southern hemisphere is water, which ( Full Answer )

Why is it winter in the northern hemispere while it is summer in the southern hemisphere?

because the earth is tilted at an angle so part of it is toward the sun and the other is away from the sun. Example: December in the USA is Winter, December in Argentina is Summer because the angle of earth is either closer to the sun or away from the sun, Winter is away from the sun and Summer i ( Full Answer )

What causes summer to be warmer than winter?

The tilt (or axis) of the planet is at an angle. Depending on which hemisphere you reside, the angle of that axis will put you closer to or farther away from the sun. Let me give you an example. Let us say you live in North America. You reside in the northern hemisphere of the earth and during th ( Full Answer )

In the northern hemisphere is the earth closer to the sun in summer or winter?

The 'perihelion' is the point during the orbit of Earth when our planet is closest to the sun. The date of the perihelion was January 3rd. The point when Earth is farthest from the sun is called the 'aphelion.' It will occur on July 7th.. It does not matter if you are in the Northern Hemisphere or ( Full Answer )

Why is it hotter in summer than in the winter in the northern hemisphere?

Because the Earth's axis tilts 23.5 degrees and during the time we call "summer" this tilt in the northern hemisphere is towards the Sun. The Earth is in fact further away from the Sun during the northern hemisphere's summer (aphelion is around July 5 this year) but the more perpendicular rays from ( Full Answer )

In the Northern Hemisphere why are summers warmer than winters even though the Earth is actually closer to the sun in January?

Because, in the winter the Earth is closer to the Sun. So the sun's reflection is spread out to cover more area. The more sunlight it is, the more colder it is. In summer the Earth is further away from the sun. The sun's reflection will focus on a smaller area. The less sunlight there ( Full Answer )

Why is it warmer in summer and colder in winter why does this have to do with hemispheres?

The planet Earth, upon which we live, orbits the sun, and also rotates on its axis. The axis of rotation is not perpendicular to the plane of the orbit (known as the plane of the ecliptic) but tilts at a 23 degree angle. Consequently, a given hemisphere (north or south) either tilts toward the sun ( Full Answer )

Why does the tilt of the earth cause summer to be warmer in the northern hemisphere?

During summer, the Sun: a) is higher in the sky, and b) is above the horizon for more hours. During summer, the Sun: a) is higher in the sky, and b) is above the horizon for more hours. During summer, the Sun: a) is higher in the sky, and b) is above the horizon for more hours. During summer, the ( Full Answer )

Why is it summer in the northern hemisphere why it is winter in the southern hemisphere?

Because Earths axis isn't in alignment with the sun's axis. Ratherit is tilted, so during part of the earths orbit around the sun,the northern hemisphere receives sunlight that is more nearlyperpendicular to the earths surface. Then when Earth is on theexact opposite side of the sun the opposite app ( Full Answer )

Why is Earth's surface warmer in the Northern Hemisphere when it is summer?

The earth goes around the sun, and it takes a year to do that, but the earth doesn't change it's axis. It stays tilted a bit, and rotates daily, but not around the sun in one day. So in the year that it is going around the sun, the equator is in the same place, but for 1/2 of the year the southern ( Full Answer )

Why are temperatures in northern hemisphere warmer in summer an cooler in the winter?

The earth is tilted on its rotational axis relative to the orbital plane of the earth around the sun. During the summer, that tilt has the northern hemisphere pointed towards the sun. As a result, the northern hemisphere gets more hours of sunlight. The lengthier period of warming by the sun during ( Full Answer )

What happens in the northern hemisphere in winter and summer?

In the northern hemisphere, the average daily temperature at anylocation is lower in the Winter and higher in the Summer. Also, the averagelength of daylight is shorter in the Winter and longer in the Summer. It hasbeen boldly hypothesized by some that there is some sort of a causitiverelationship b ( Full Answer )

Why is moscow colder than London in the winter and warmer in the summer?

It is because of continentaity. Land both heats up and cools much faster than the ocean. Therefore Moscow being inland suffers from extreme temperatures. The temperature range is very large. Places near the sea have much more moderate temperature ranges as in summer it takes much more energy to heat ( Full Answer )

What causes the beginning of summer and winter in the northern hemisphere?

The tilt of the earths axis causes a change in the amount of sunlight the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere recieves. therefore, when the earth revolves aroound the sun it recives direct sunlight in the northern hemisphere sumeer and indirect sunlight in the northen hemisphere winter.

Why is it warmer in northern Scotland during summer than in southern England during winter when southern England is closer to the tropics?

The "tropics" are an area that experiences fairly minor changes in temperature between winter and summer. As latitude increases, the difference between winter and summer becomes more extreme. So Southern England (at latitude around 48 degrees) experiences some pretty substantial differences in tem ( Full Answer )

Why does Earth's surface become warmer in the summer than it does in the winter?

Only one hemisphere has summer at a time, either the Northern orthe Southern, while the other has winter. This is determined bywhich hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun: except for two days eachyear (the equinoxes), the Earth's tilt means that one pole or theother is angled more toward the Sun. The ( Full Answer )

Why does earths tilt cause summer to be warmer than winter?

In summer the suns rays travel directly to the surface at a steepangle, so are still warm. In winter the rays strike at a shallowerangle, and cool down rapidly as they travel a longer distancethrough the atmosphere before reaching the surface.

Why is the northern hemisphere warmer in the spring than in the winter?

Any temperate location in either hemisphere is warmer inspring than in winter. Going from the winter (December) solstice to the vernal (March)equinox, the Earth's tilt is bringing longer days and moreefficient insolation to the Northern Hemisphere. It is not untilMarch that the North Pole gets su ( Full Answer )