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It could be that your cd/dvd drive is either not hooked up correctly, or youd do not have the correct driver to run your cd/dvd. First, check to make sure that all wires are in good shape and there are no loose connections. Then, check for the driver component (assuming you are on a PC, not a MAC) by opening the control panel, click on the system icon, and under the hardware tab, choose Device manager. This will show weather or not you have a working driver for your cd/dvd drive. Updates can often be found online for free. If you are using windows, the Microsoft web site may have driver updates, if that's what you need.

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Can you use Rosetta Stone without a CD player?

The Rosetta stone is a computer program. It will not work in a CD player. You must have a computer or laptop.

How do you install adobe flash player for mac?

You go to the Flash player website, download the installation program, run it, and follow the instructions on screen.

Why can't you open a windows media player file on an apple computer?

Answer Follow instructions You can. You may have to download Windows Media Player or WMV player off of the internet and follow the instuctios for installing the program. Normally you have to restart the computer after adding new software or upgrades before it can be used. By the way, why you install WMP, Macgo Free Mac Media Player could play DVD MOVIES smoothly.

How can i install a network music player?

You can install a network music player by downloading the program and double clicking on the installation icon. Then follow the instructions and you're good.

How do you transfer songs onto an MP3 player?

Here are the easy instructions on how you can transfer the songs to an mp3 player. Install relevant media software like for instance Sony Walkman MP3 requires Sonic Stage Software. Connect MP3 player to computer using a USB or firewire cable. Next, follow the instructions to customise preferences. Load the media files from your computer into your music library. Sync the files from your library to mp3 player. Once the syncing is complete, you can eject the media player and disconnect it from the computer.

What program plays mpg and or mpeg files?

Windows Media Player which comes with your computer and you don't have to pay for it.

How do you download windows media player ?

To download the media player is required to enter the website where they offer this program to our computer, there are several online sites where you can download the.

How can you burn DVD and play them on DVD player?

You need to have: a computer, some blank DVD roms (you can get them in most shops) and a disk burning program for your computer. With your DVD roms and DVD of choice at the ready you simply have to follow what the program tells you to do.

How do you uninstall roblox on windows 8?

First, go to the Control Panel in your computer. There, you should see the word 'Programs'. Below it is 'Uninstall a program'. Click on it. Then, in the list that is provided, find 'Roblox Player'. Click on it and then click on 'Uninstall' at the top. Finally, follow the instructions given and it will be uninstalled.

What are the different applications of computer in the society?

there are so many applications of computer in our society....first one is the spread sheet....spread sheet is a computer program for manipulation and retrieval especially for tabulated figures for accounting....such a sheet of computer program simulated by electronically for computer software......secondly is the is music player...etc.....that's all i know.....thanks

What program can you download to play music on your computer?

there are so many programs to play music. winamp, windows media player, vlc player, quick time player, real one player, etc...

How does one install Adobe flash player?

To install Adobe flash player you need to go to the Adobe website, select the flash player and follow the instructions provided. Once downloaded on to your computer it will automatically update periodically.

How do you make iTunes your default player?

Normally, your computer will ask you if you want iTunes to be your default player before actually downloading the program. If iTunes is already downloaded, then I can't answer.

How do you copy songs from a CD onto an MP3 player when you don't have windows media player?

there are several ways to do this without WMP. 1. Itunes will do it automatically when you put a CD into the CD drive currently my favorite way to do this. 2. Winamp will do it as well if you read instructions that come with the program 3. My second favorite way is a program called CDex. which you can find on they all have instructions with the prgram on how to do this. Happy ripping!!

How do I load songs into a Sony Ericsson MP3 player?

When you buy a Sony Ericsson Mp3 player there is disc with the software needed to load your songs into your Sony Ericsson MP3 player. Put the disc in your computer and follow the instructions to put your tot he mp3 player.

How do you get a video from your Windows Media Player to your Windows Movie Maker?

You have to download video to your computer before you can import it into Windows Movie Maker. You can't simply drag and drop it into the program from Media Player. Find the 'source video' on your computer and import it from there.

How do you connect a DVD player to a laptop? OR you could simply get a DVD drive for your computer and a ripping program like HandBrake or copyDVD

How do i Sync music files to an mp3?

Syncing files to an mp3 player is easy: Here are the steps.Start by connecting the mp3 player to the computer using the USB or firewire cable.Follow the instructions to customize the preferences.Sync the files from your library to the mp3Once you are done with the syncing, you can then eject the media player and disconnect it from your computer.

How do you download music to mp3 player?

Open your mp3 player on your computer as you would a removable disc (Like a thumb drive), place the music you want into the appropriate folder, and there you have your music on your mp3 player. If you have an Apple product you will need to download Itunes to load any music, and if your mp3 player came with its own program then you will have to load the program to load the player.

How do you hook up the CD player?

Follow the instructions in the manual that came with the CD player. If you have no manual then you will need to find the instructions for the particular model you have.

How do you finish a video in movie maker?

Depending on which version of the program you have, you either choose:> Publish to ---- this computeror> Finish MovieFollow the instructions on each page that comes up... and voila, you will have exported your Windows Movie Maker to a Standard viewing format (which you can view in a media player, upload, email or burn to CD/DVD).

How do you open mime files?

You need a specific program on your computer to open mime files. For example avi with VLC player jpg with acdsee

You import a video onto your computer but when you play it on your computer using a program other then the one provided with the disc it has no sound. i have a sony handycam?

what program did you use? ALSO try VLC Media player find it on google by typing in VLC it is free and all video formats work with it!!

How do you transfer songs from a media player to an MP3 player?

Windows Media Player uses WMA format most of the time. This needs to be converted to MP3 format for playing on MP3 player. All to All - Audio Conversion Wizard is a good program to covert WMA to MP3. Your mp3 player will have a usb cable to connect to the computer, then drag and drop the MP3 song files to the drive on MY Computer that is your MP3 player. If your player is not showing up, then reload the drivers disk for the player onto the computer so it can recognize your player. this is not the same question dumb butt!

How do you uninstall Unity Web player?

It's easy, just go to Control Panel in your computer and press the Uninstall Program and find Unity Web Player and right click on it, then press uninstall.