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Because "to correct" is only the base form of the verb when it is listed in translation dictionaries. to read, to listen, etc. When you actually say or write it, you would say "I read," "I listen," "I correct." You only add the to if you are saying you "want to" do something, like "I want to correct my students," or "I want to drive the car." If you are actually doing it, then you drop the to. Saying why to correct students is asking why and addressing that question toward students that are correct or who have been correct in the past. Saying why correct students could be a third person reference instead of a 2nd person address like in the first case.

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No, because the order is wrong. The phrase should be: "would not have done" or "wouldn't have done" instead.

Is grammar and punctuation correct in the following sentence We are talking about Dating Sites for college students.?

"Dating Sites" should not be capitalised. Instead, say "We are talking about dating sites for college students."

Why is it correct to say he must have instead of he must has?

The correct way to say that phrase is "He must have."

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no it is not correct to say you are not for sure instead you can say in proper English that you are not sure about something

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It is grammatically correct to say: There is nothing wrong with this machine.It is not grammatically correct to say: Will it is be grammatically correct to say ....The correct way to write that or say that would be: Would it be grammatically correct to say....

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It is not grammatically correct to say ' you go to home'. Instead you should leave out the word to, and say 'you, go home'.

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It is not correct to say 'great times are now'; instead, say 'great times have come'.

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No, use "is" instead.

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No. Use "whether" instead of "if."

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The answer is "wrong." Because if you say the word "right," it's incorrect because the answer is "wrong." But if you say the word "wrong," you are correct because the answer is "wrong."

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No. Instead, say, "I see what you mean."

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No, Instead you could say 'the volunteering spirit'

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Neither is correct. You would say "There are no students" or "There is not one student" or "There are not any students."

Is it grammatically wrong to say consist of instead of consist e.g. consist 5 boys and consist of 5 boys?

No. In fact, it is the only correct way to say that. Thus " something " consists of " whatever ".

Is game is verb?

Is exclaimed is a adverb if I am wrong say the correct answer

Is the sentence her job is an actress correct?

yes it is correct but it might be better to say 'she is an actress' instead

Is it gramatically correct to say why would you worry instead of being happy?

Yes, I would say that sentence would be grammatically correct.

Is the sentence are you good in swimming correct?

well it is correct but the grammar is wrong instead say "are you good at swimming" they both mean the same but this sentence a correct pronunciation.No. We say we are good at something if we mean that we do it well. The sentence "You are good in swimming" might be correct, but only if "swimming" is the name of a course of study, just as we might say "You are good in French," meaning you get get high marks in French class.

Is it correct to say students that's incompetent?

The meaning is unclear, but I can think of no case in which that would be the correct phrasing to use. "Students, that's incompetence" might in some situations be correct, if one is addressing the students and desiring to point out a specific incidence of incompetence. Or, if one is speaking of the incompetence of the students themselves, "students who are incompetent" might be appropriate.

Is this grammatically correct Someone buy me it?

Grammatically correct, maybe, but idiomatically wrong. We normally say "buy it for me."

Is it correct to say ten hundred instead of one thousand?

Flat out no

Is it correct language to use to me instead of in my opinion or i think etc they say it a lot in Europe but it sound weird is it correct or not?

yes it is correct

Why was Jonas so careful of his use of language in the book The Giver?

he was careful to use the correct language because when they are younger and older they are whipped if they use the wrong language. if they messed up, they would say a phrase. ex: i said papstick instead of chapstick. i would have to say automatically "I apologize for using the wrong language" or something like that along the lines of I'm sorry i messed up, etc. they learn at a young age to correct themselves if they say or do something wrong.

What if you put in the right details for your YouTube account but it says that something was wrong?

Then you put the wrong details and it will say its correct.

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recurrent readmissions, Is Wrong. recurrent admissions, Is Correct.