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he got hurt during the war

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Q: Why is johnny in the hospital in the book children of willesden lane?
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Who are the characters in the book Children of Willesden Lane?


In the book the outsiders what did johnny want the boys to get for him in the hospital?

a copy of gone with the wind

How does johnny act towards hi family after the hospital in the book outsiders?

Johnny doesn't let his mother see him when he is in the hospital because he knows that his mother will yell at him and tell him what a mess he has made.

Why is Johnny the hero in the outsiders book?

because he saved the children in the fire.

In the book The Outsiders where did johnny get hurt?

Johnny gets hurt and ends up in the hospital after he saves a group of kids from a burning church near Windrixville.

How many children did johnny and ponyboy save from the fire in the book the outsiders?

Johnny and Ponyboy saved four or five children: Not determined whether is was four or five

Where do the baudelaires hide in book 8?

In book eight of The Series of Unforunate Events, The Hostile Hospital, the Baudelaire children take refuge at a hospital they stumble upon after esaping the Village of Fowl Devotees in the previous book.

When was johnny hurt and defeat outsiders feeling wise?

in the book, johnny was burned saving children from a fire in the abandoned church that he and pony boy were hiding out in

Who is Jerry in the book The Outsiders?

Jerry was the guy that was bragging about how Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally had saved the children in the church.

What hospital received all the proceeds earned from James M Barrie's book Peter Pan?

Great Ormond Street Hospital for the Sick Children in London

How does johnny die in the hospital in the outsiders movie?

basically, johnny dies in the hospital after the fire in the church. he was injured severely, with a broken back, and many rough burns. however, before dieing he gives Ponyboy his book, Gone with the Wind, and a letter saying to explain to the gang and Dally that fighting is useless.

Are cilia and johnny just friends or husband and wife in the book Johnny Tremain?

Are Cilia and Johnny just friends or husband and wife in the book Johnny Tremain?

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