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after you have laminated, you can not recycle it again

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Ideal work environment?

An ideal work environment is a place where there is no gossiping and no bad attitudes. An ideal work environment has all employees getting along and working as a team.

How do laminating machines work?

A laminating machine has two separate pieces of laminate and when it is turned on and heat is issued, the two pieces of laminate are brought together and then sealed due to the heat.

What discourages you in work environment?

People who use bad grammar in their questions.

Who invented the laminating machine?

The hot roll laminating machine was invented by Donald F. Hannon, who held several patents for this and other laminating products. He was from Cleveland, Ohio.

What is a practical use for formica?

Formica is often used for kitchen or bathroom work surfaces, as well as for laminating.

What are dangerous laminating machine?

a laminating machine is safe as long as you dont stick your hands in the roller

How do you laminate pictures?

Use a photo laminating machine with laminating pouch. The Photo Pro 13 by Lamitek is a good option. Remember laminating is permanent! It is best to only laminate digital or copies of original photos in case of error during laminating the photo is not lost.

What are laminating pockets?

Laminating pouches are pockets of laminating film into which the item to be laminated is placed. A hot laminator is used to seal the pouch and bind the layers together so that your document is laminated.

What is a good price for laminating film?

A good price for laminating film is about $2 per sheet. You can see more items and prices at http://www.nextag.com/universal-laminating-pouches/products-html

Is elmers glue bad for the environment?

Elmer's glue is not bad for the environment.

Is global warming good for the environment or bad?

It is very bad for the environment...

Is cotton bad for the environment?

Cotton is not bad for the environment. This is because it is an organism that is a part of the environment and it produces oxygen.

Does Michael's craft stores sell laminating equipment for crafters?

Michaels sells all the craft supplies you can think of including laminating equipment. Michael's sells laminating film, but they don't sell any other equipment for laminating. So if you want everything you need you have to go elsewhere. On the internet you can get everything you need at usi-laminate.com which specializes in laminating craft supplies. is michael married to kristine

The main types of waste that occur in a business administration environment and how to minimise waste?

- Paper - Ink - Laminating sheets - Electricity - Pens - Staples - Plastic Wallets

Are smoke bombs bad for the environment?

Yes they're very bad for the environment

How is radon bad for the environment?

Radon is bad not for the environment but is dangerous for the life of all animals.

Why is dry cleaning so bad for the environment?

because it uses electisity which is bad for the environment

Are synthetic materials bad for the environment?

Some materials like plastic are bad for the environment.

Are books bad for the environment and why?

books are bad for the environment because they waste trees and paper.

How is steel bad for the environment?

Steel is bad for the environment as it releases dangerous gases which are dangerous for the environment and can affect the ozone layer.

What injuries are common in a bad working environment assuming that this is an office?

Injuries based on ones incompetence. There isn't all that much room for injury if the work environment is an office.

Is methane good or bad to the environment?

Methane is bad for the environment, but Methane capture and use is good.

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