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Why is language important in civilization?


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August 03, 2012 4:58PM

Its important because if we couldn't speak with our own language then we couldn't talk to each other. Talking is very useful when interacting with other humans. For example, if we are hurt or need help, we can call a friend and ask them to help. Language is vital for learning and to pass information and knowledge from one person in a society to the next, until everybody has learnt it. This gives large numbers of humans the skills needed for progress.

Language also is a way of controlling human emotions. If you see something which scares you, calling it a pleasant name such as 'Coo-coo' or 'fluffy bunny' helps to make it seem far less scary. A person can be calmed down when angry or upset and whole countries can do various important actions, such as in World

War Two when communities were asked to grow their own food due to shortages and lack of imports.

Language has played a crucial part in developing civilisations. Even in prehistoric times, humans used language to prepare hunting strategies which allowed them to kill huge animals such as mammoths. Language eventually lead to the creation of written languages which further increased the spread of information.