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Why is laughter not learned like other acts of emotion?

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2009-02-24 21:07:05

== == * Laughter is a learned behavior, you are not born to

laugh, it is not innate. As babies, we smile and laugh/giggle

because it caused a reaction in our parents faces, we get a

positive reaction to laughing so we continue to do it. Other

emotions are a range of innate and learned emotions (that is

how we feel): INNATE: anger, happiness, we all have the ability to

love and hate, etc. However, learned behavior (that is how

we react to any stimulus or do any action) because of emotions we

already have cause us to respond to a stimuli: laughter, frowning,

hugging, kicking, kissing, raising hand in class to offer an answer

to a question, whistling. Those are learned behaviors yet there are

innate behaviors such as sleeping, eating, blinking etc.

== == * I believe we are born to enjoy laughter. Sometimes we

just don't appreciate some things we should laugh at or perhaps

have had too many traumas or tragedies in our lives and forgot how

to laugh or, it could be the environment we grew up in (a family

who does not laugh.) Scientists wouldn't tell us that trying to

have 10 good belly laughs a day will keep sickness away if it was

just a learned behavior. Like crying, if it was just a learned

behavior then we'd never clean out our eye ducts! We are born with

emotions and thankfully for most of us they are harmless emotions,

but there is the odd one that slips through the cracks that is just

plain mean to the bone. * I think that laughter is an instinct just

like cats instincts to chase mice. Keep laughing you'll fell a lot

better afterwards.

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