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Light colored clothing is more comfortable than dark clothing in hot weather because dark colors attract heat from the sun. When dark colors get hot, a person will start to sweat. This will make the clothes stick to a person.

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Q: Why is light colored clothing more comfortable in hot weather than dark clothing?
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Does light colored clothing refract or reflect light?

Light reflects off of light colored clothing. Light refracts when passing through a material (such as water).

Brown with mix red period?

It's normal. I have it right now -_-; and it sucks. Periods do suck.... DX Goodbye light colored clothing and comfortable bed............... :'(

What can you do to fight off bad perspiration?

You can wear deoderant, pull your hair up, where light colored clothing, wear drywick clothing (it takes moisture away from the skin in a very comfortable lightweight clothing that also keeps you at a nice temperature), drink water, and wear antipestperant socks.

Why do people in the desert usually were light colored things?

Light colored clothing reflects the sun's radiation and helps keep the body cooler. Dark colors absorb radiation and heat the body.

Why do people in desert countries usually wear light-colored clothing and some sort of headgear?

My father served in the French Forgien Legion in Africa told me that in hot weather putting on loose clothing protects your skin from being burned by the sun. The headress would do the same thing I suppose.

What clothing to bring in the Bahamas in the summer?

*Loose, light-colored clothing *Swim-wear *Dress clothing for social events held in hotels *Hats *Sunglasses *Poncho/umbrella for tropical storms

What type of clothing should you bring to Scandinavia?

Winter visits to Scandinavia mean that due to the cold weather there, extra warm clothing is advised. In Summer months, light clothing is fine. In between seasons mean bring a combination of warm & cold weather clothing.

What should be brought on the trip to Cambrian period?

you should bring a fan, light colored clothing ,pleanty of food and water

What is a yukata?

A Yukata is a a light kimono style bit of clothing worn in Japan in the warm/hot weather.

Which Liquor preferable in hot weather and and i dont like beer?

something light colored. vodka, gin or white tequilla.

Why do people in desert countries usually wear light colored clothing and some sort of headgear?

Dark colors absorb the heat from the sun's ray and lighter colored clothing reflects the heat away. Covering the head, especially in a light color also protects the head from the heat of the sun and protects the skin from sun burn.

Why do people in the tropics wear white or light coloured clothing?

the wear those types of clothing to stay cool considering that they are closer to the equator.This makes it warmer. Also light colored clothes retract heat and dark clothes attract it.