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Why is love unconditional?


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It isn't. Unconditional love is, but just love isnt.


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I can think of unconditional love. it means love with limits.

real love with wife is unconditional real love with wife is unconditional

The duration of Unconditional Love - film - is 2.02 hours.

unconditional love means basically that I will love you always and it won't run out conditional means that at someone, I will stop loving you Actually. there is no such thing as unconditional love! "unconditional" means no conditions. Unconditional means making no discernments good or bad. If we don't make good discernments about what we are saying or doing it is not love.

The puppy had unconditional love for its owner.

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it's a matter of opinion but the majority of people would say marriage is unconditional love. hope that helps!

There is no other word for unconditional love.Because that is as far as you can get.

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Hebrew does not have symbols. It has letters and words. unconditional love = ahavah lelo t'na'im (אהבה ללא תנאים)

Unconditional acceptance

His unconditional love. Accepts you as you are.

they say agape is eternal. that's unconditional love, usually reffering to god they say agape is eternal. that's unconditional love, usually reffering to god

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hes the only man whos love is unconditional

Love and Hate are infinite and unconditional

LOVE....unconditional Love, not sexual love, boy/girl love, parent/child love, siblings love, community love but unconditional love where there is no 'why', 'who', 'when', 'what', 'where', 'how', 'if', etc. Faith. Read the New Testiment or study Quantum Physics.

God's unconditional love = ahavát hashem lelo tnai (אהבת ה׳ ללא תנאי)

Unconditional Unconditional love is most romantic thing possible.

A parent with unconditional love.

It is unconditional and everlasting.

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