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Answer low radiator light onProbably a bad low coolant level sensor.

Sensor is located under the thermostat housing. Frequent problem with the Olds Intrigue

AnswerThe sensor for this vehicle is built in to the coolant reservoir. So just swap out the sensor? Not on this vehicle; the sensor isn't sold as a separate unit (darn it). You must purchase a new coolant reservoir, which includes a built in sensor. Multiple internet suppliers sell these reservoirs for $70 (including shipping).
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Q: Why is low radiator warning light on in 2000 Intrigue even though coolant reservoir is at proper level and not leaking - what is burping procedure?
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How does one replace the coolant in a 1998 intrigue?

Drain it from the petcock on the bottom of the rad. Take off the cap to the resevior and radiator. Replace with Prestone green antifreeze 50/50 mix, not Dex-Cool. Follow burping procedure in manual.

How do you burp a 2001 ford explorer radiator system?

Put as much as you can into the radiator then just drive it. Let the engine heat up and make sure the reservoir has been filled to the mark. As the engine heats up it pushes the air out and as it cools it will pull in coolant from the reservoir. Keep watching the reservoir and keep it filled to the line. Once the vehicle stops pulling in the coolant, the air is out of the system. The air should be out after you drive it two or three times. WRONG!!! Don't drive it without burping it first! Go to and look up their article. Believe what you will and certainly feel free to go to whatever extra lengths you feel are important, but the cooling system will take care of itself if you fill the radiator to capacity then keep the reservoir filled.

How do you check the level of fluids in the actual radiator not just the overflow tank on a 2001 Ford Escape?

Answer[take off the radiator cap and look]Update: Actually, there is no radiator cap and therefore no way to check the level directly as the questioner wants to do. When refilling the radiator, you have to go through a bothersome process of filling up the reservoir, then "burping" the air out of the radiator by squeezing the upper radiator hose (the large hose on the right side.) Then you add some more coolant, burp some more, etc until you can't squeeze any more bubbles out. Then you have to run the engine until it is warm and water is circulating, then turn it off, let it cool, and repeat the whole burping process again.All designed to prevent lawsuits from idiots who burn themselves by opening the cap while hot.

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