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If your mass for example is 10 kg then your weight is 98 newton as the weight=mass *gravity ; weight=mass*9.8 , other example if you went to the moon your mass won`t change but your weight will as gravity changed.

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What are a pound a kilo and a ounce measurements for?

They are all measurements of weight or mass.

Why is mass not always measured by weight?

Because mass and weight refer to two different measurements. The mass of an object relates to quantity and never changes where as the weight of an object is based on gravitational force and can therefore change with the forces acting upon it.

Which of the following measurements is needed to find density?

Volume & mass (weight).

How is mass and weight are different?

Mass= # of particles/ matter weight= the force of gravity Examples: your mass is the same on every planet, Your weight is different on different planets

Which will be different on the moon mass or weight?

The weight will be different.

What are the similarities of the English system of measurements and metric system?

Both systems have measurements for distance, area, volume, and mass or weight.

Is mass different in different locations?

No, but weight is. Mass is constant.

What two body measurements do you need to get Body Mass Index?

height and weight

What metric unit would you use to measure?

Different measurements: Mass/Weight= grams(g) Volume= liters (L) Length= meters (m)

What is 175g in cup measurements?

Gram is a weight measurement. Cups is a volume measurement. There is no direct conversion between the two as every object has a different mass.

Why is weight different from mass?

Weight is the pounds you weight. While mass is the voulume around you.

160 pound man body measurements?

It's impossible to tell someone's measurements just by body weight. Everyone has a different frame and carries their weight in different places.

How is measurment of weight different from measurement of mass?

Mass is the mass, weight is mass with gravity acting upon it

Is one cc equal to 250mg?

a "cc" means cubic centimeter, which is a measure of volume (space). But "mg" is milligrams, which is a measure of mass (weight). Volume and mass are two different kinds of measurements.

Weight is the same as mass?

No. The same mass (informally: "amount of substance") can have a different weight, depending on the gravity.No. The same mass (informally: "amount of substance") can have a different weight, depending on the gravity.No. The same mass (informally: "amount of substance") can have a different weight, depending on the gravity.No. The same mass (informally: "amount of substance") can have a different weight, depending on the gravity.

Why is your weight on earth different from out mass on the moon?

You can't compare WEIGHT with MASS - those two are used to measure quite different things. It doesn't make sense to say that they are the same, or that they are different. You can only compare mass with mass, or weight with weight.

What are four different measurements and what do they measure?

In metric system there are: Meters->distance or length Grams->mass Liters->volume Newtons->weight or pull of gravity or force

What were the earliest measurement based on?

The answer depends on the earliest measurements of WHAT: time, distance, mass/weight, ...

The weight of a substance is defined as its mass divided by its volume?

weight is different in different gavities but mass is not, volume is not involved

Why is Mass is different from weight?

Well mass is different from weight in one major way. Mass is how easily something can lift more than weight being how heavy an object is. For example a balloon has mass, but a person carries weight.

Is weight stronger mass?

Weight and mass are fundamentally different things, and they are measured in different units (newton, versus kilograms). Weight is caused by mass, but it also depends on gravity. The formula is: weight = gravity x mass Mass also causes inertia.

Are weight and mass same thing?

Weight and mass are not the same thing. While weight referrers to the force applied by gravity over an object in relation to its mass and is measured in Newtons, mass is measured in Kilograms. The relation between these two measurements is:1kg = 9'8N

When are mass and weight the same?

Mass and weight are different notions in a correct physics terminology.

How is gravity different from mass and weight?

Gravity is the cause of the forces that give weight to mass.

What causes the weight of an object?

it is all to do with the gravity compaired to the mass. mass is different to weight.

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