Why is math and science important?

Math is important because you will need math to calculate things like "how much will these cost" and "what's the volume of this container" and questions like that. In life, you will have many situations that will require you to do some math, and often mental. Companies want to find people that know how to do math because then they are usually better educated and are capable of doing what people that can't do math can do.

Science is important because if you know some science, you would know some people and their laws. You have something to say to other scientists who want to know what is going on in the universe and on our own home planet earth. Of course some people would want to learn more about their home! Also, it aids us in curing diseases that could be fatal or devastating. By knowing some science and especially when someone becomes a doctor, that person can save tons of lives and save many, many people from suffering what they wouldn't have to with science and medicines. With less suffering, we can lead more pleasant lives and affect people around us. Companies want people that know some science, too.

Also, many people just want to know a lot so that they can answer questions others have and even answer some of their own. They want to learn more and are curious in some of these subjects. Many people love math and science.