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Methanol is not acidic, it is not dissociable.

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Q: Why is methanol more acidic than water?
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Why is acetic acid more acidic in water than in methanol?

Acetic acid will dissociate more in water than in methanol. Hence acetic acid is relatively more acidic in water than in methanol.

Why is methanol more volatile than water?

Methanol is more volatile than water because methanol has a larger vapor pressure than water.

Is water more polar than methanol?

yes. Water is more polar than methanol. That is the reason why we always use methanol to extract many organic compounds. they could be better (more quickly) dissolved in methanol than in water.

Why methanol is more basic than water?

Methanol is not basic.

Why does butanol heat water more than methanol?

Butanol is has less polarity than methanol

Is water more acidic than phenol?

No. Phenol is far more acidic than water.

Is Methanol a more cohesive liquid than water?


Why does ammonia dissolve more easily in water than in methanol?

Its otherway around actualy methanol dissove more than ammonia in water because of stronger H bond

Is sodium more soluble than methanol in water?

No. Sodium compounds do have a limit to their solubility in water. Methanol is water soluble in all proportions.

Is ethanol more volatile than methanol?

Ethanol is more volatile than methanol.

Is ethanol more flammable than methanol?

No, methanol is more flammable than ethanol.

Is acetone more polar than methanol?

No. Methanol is more polar than acetone

Is alcohol more acidic than water?

It is.

Which is more acidic alcohol or acetylene?

Acetylene gas in water is more acidic than alcohol.

What is liquids are more dense than water?

Oil's, methanol, ethanol, and isopropyl

Why does ethanol is more soluble than methanol?

Because polarity of ethanol more close to water.

Why phenol more acidic than aliphatic alcohol and water?

why phenol more than aliphatic alcohol and water

Is water more acidic than coffee?

Coffee is much more acidic than water. Tap water usually has a pH around 7 (neutral), while coffee pH is usually about 5 (acidic is below 7 on the pH scale).

Why is water more polar than methanol?

Water and methanol each have two polar bonds. Water has two O-H bonds while methanol has an O-H bond and a O-C bond. An O-H bond is more polar that an O-C bond because hydrogen is less electronegative than carbon.

Is BaCO3 barium carbonate more soluble in an acidic solution or pure water?

BaCO3 would be more soluble in an acidic solution than in the water

What is more acidic water or lemon juice?

While water is usually slightly acidic, pure water is neutral, at pH7. Lemon juice is much more acidic than even impure water - usually around pH2 or pH3.

What is the pH of hydrocarbons?

pH is defined as the negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration; concentration is usually expressed in moles per liter. The liter component is nearly always the universal solvent, water. When you add most hydrocarbons to water, it does not mix; it's immiscible. No hydrogen ions are formed, and the pH of the original water remains unchanged. However, some types of hydrocarbons DO have a hydrogen ion component when mixed with water. For example, consider methanol - CH3OH. The hydorogen attached to the oxygen in the -OH portion of that molecule will occasionally become unattached when methanol is mixed with water, giving methanol a SLIGHTLY more acidic characteristic than pure water. Thus, the more available one or more hydrogen ions are in the hydrocarbon you are considering, the lower the pH. Note, though, that the number of hydrogens in a molecule does not mean that they are all available. Hexane, C6H6, is less acidic than our methanol example, because the hydrogens are less available.

Is methanol lighter than water?


Is water heavier than methanol?


Is hexane or methanol more polar?

Methanol is far more polar than hexane. Hexane is nonpolar.