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Why is milk white?

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Although many of the substances in milk appear white when dry, none of them are actually white. Even titanium dioxide, one of the best "white" pigments, isn't white; it's clear. It appears white for the same reason snow appears white. Both scatter the entire visible light spectrum evenly. Further, white does not exist in the natural world. Rather, it is a construct of our eyes and brain.

Thus, fats, sugars, and proteins are all clear. Sugar in the sugar bowl and salt in the shaker appear white because their crystalline structures scatter the visible light spectrum evenly. Snow and clouds appear white for the same reason. Snow and clouds are made of water, yet who would claim that water is white?

All of the substances in milk are clear, except for vitamin A, which has a slight yellowish tinge.

So, why is milk white?

Milk appears to be white because the dissolved substances in milk scatter the entire light spectrum evenly - creating the optical illusion we call white.

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What color is a dogs milk?

is the person that asked this question stupid or something every type of milk is white or whitish yellow. Cows milk is white. Goats milk is white. OUR MILK IS WHITE!!!!!!!!!!

Will chocolate milk rot faster then white milk?

Chocolate milk will rot faster then white milk

Is chocolate milk better than white milk?

I think chocolate milk is better then white milk.

Which milk curdles faster white or chocolate milk?

Listen, people. White milk and Chocolate milk are both milk so get over it

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What is two products manufactured in Belgium?

Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. and cheese.

Why do black cows make white milk?

Because milk is white. the colour of the cow is irrelevent to the colour of the milk

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yes there is choclate in choclate milk so you take white milk and white milk then you just but choclate syrup in one and the one without choclate syrup is better for you.

Which milk spoils the fastest white milk chocolete milk or butter milk?

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What color is it milk?

milk is in white colour.

Why milk of bafflo is white?

The color of buffalo milk is white due to the presence of carotene. This gives the milk its creamish/yellow color.

What is the softest Dairy milk?

Smarter White Milk

What does milk look like?

Milk is a white liquid

What are some simile adjectives to compare to milk?

as pure as white as sweet as milk.

What is white revolution of milk?

huge prodution of milk in 1670s in dairy milk & milk products

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White chocolate often refers to Vanilla not milk chocolate

What make the milk white?

what makes milk white are you stupid why would you ask that this people are crazy

What is white revolution?

white revolution is about milk

Which pigment make milk white?

No pigments are used. The white opaque colour of milk is due to the light being reflected and deflected in the milk.

Is white paint added to skim milk?

Skim milk is made by removing cream from whole milk. No colourants are added to the product. Milk is naturally opaque white in colour.

What makes milk turn white?

Nothing makes the milk turn white - that is just how it naturally is produced.