Why is my 1991 dodge shadow overheating?

Well, first of all...I have an 89 Shadow and the little 4 bangers in them are know to run a lil on the hot side. But if your car is obviously overheating, other than the "my engine is hot after I drive it", then I would start with the cheapest things first. While you engine is cool, take the radiator cap off and make sure you have enough Anti-freeze. After that put the cap back on and start the motor..check to make sure your water pump is spinning/belt is good. Hey, don't laugh...you would be surprised at how many car problems I have solved for friends because of loose worn belts. If all is good...then I would check the thermostat. Other than that it could be a faulty water pump, readiator, temperature sensor, cooling fan or resistor. Hope this helps.