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Why is my 92 sundance overheating I have replaced the radiator water pump and thermostat?

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I had replaced the water pump and radiator. This had continued to overheat but not as bad. After replacing the head gasket it was finally fixed. I was able to answer my own question only after replacement.

2006-07-29 17:45:37
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How do you repair the thermostat on a 1993 Plymouth sundance?

The thermostat CANNOT be repaired it has to be replaced. There should be a hose coming out of the top of the radiator hose going to the engine. Where it connects to the engine should be a housing with two bolts on it. Disconnect the hose and the bolts and the thermostat is behind the housing. You might have to move something out of the way to do this, but it is usually rather easy. Hope this helps.

What is wrong you have a 1997 Ford Contour v6 25 five speed that is overheating you have replaced the thermostat and it is still overheating?

My dad had the same problem with his sundance and it turned out he had a cracked head. Answer Check your heater, if you turn your heater on and it blows cold air, then its is likely that the water pump has either failed or the belt has separated, either by age or because the pulley has fallen apart (plastic - replaceable)

Why would a 1993 Plymouth sundance continue to overheat after having its thermostat replaced and its coolant refilled?

It could be a plugged radiator or a blown headgasket. Understand that many of the smaller, especially the Japanese engines are very fragile when it comes to overheating. If it overheated once you may have damaged the headgasket and warped the head. Don't forget the heater core either. If the engine warms up, but you don't get any heat, the core is blocked or plugged. Suggest you always replace the thermostat when you do coolant work. They're cheap and a quick fix.

What is the right way to install a thermostat on a 1992 Sundance Which part of the thermostat is facing toward the engine?

Some thermostats have an arrow embosed on the one of the legs pointing toward the radiator. Generally speaking, the side with what looks like a spring and cylindrical bulb should be immersed in the heated water from the engine. Since the water in the hose attached to the radiator is not heated by the engine, this would be the wrong side. Also, on my Sundance (2.2L engine), the thermostat fits only in the correct orientation (try a dry fit first). Spring into engine.

Can you show a diagram on how to install a new thermostat in your 1994 2.5 engine Plymouth sundance?

just follow the hose off the radiator that goes into your engine block. its on the front of the motor. you just loosen the 2 bolts that hold the hose on and its right there. very simple

Where can you find the horn in a 1991 Plymouth Sundance?

under hood,usually in front of alternator,beside radiator.

Why would 1989 Sundance When you drive it 3 or4 miles pressure builds in the radiator and pressure pushes the fluids into auxiliary holding tank This fills where the fluid is lost through the overflow?

Sounds like either the thermostat is not opening and needs replacement or head gasket is bad

Where is the thermostat located on a Plymouth Sundance?

The thermostat is on the top side of the engine. Follow the hose from the radiator to where it goes connects to the engine. The housing may have the coil bolted on to the outside, depending upon the model. On the top side of the housing is an Allen screw, which should help identify it, plus the temperature sensor is on it as well. The housing must be removed to change out the thermostat. The set screw must also be removed during refilling the system to allow air to escape.

1991 Plymouth sundance and you need to find the fuse for the radiator and you don't know where it is?

i have never ever seen a fuse for a radiator in any vehicle what so ever. you need to explain more what you are looking for

1993 Plymouth sundance duster wont start you have already gotten a new starter and a starter relay and a ignition time delay relay what now?

I replaced the battery in my 1993 sundance noe the starter will not ingage

What does it cost to replace the head gasket on a 1989 Plymouth sundance?

The cost to replace the head gasket is between $900 and $1200. The actual cost will vary between shops as each uses a different labor rate and there could be items that need to be repaired or replaced due to overheating that commonly occurs with a bad head gasket.

Why does a 94 Plymouth Sundance still overheat after replacing radiator thermostat and head gasket?

Couple of things. Thermostat might be stuck closed, not likely. Make sure you have enought fluid in your radiator. What I dealt with was my radiator fun not working properly. Check to make sure that works. My fan actually worked, I had to re-route the relay because an in-line fuse had blown that delivered constant power to the relay while the relay itself would trip the fan on. There is no fuse inside the car, so that is why I had to do it that way. If you test your fan and it works, but doesn't turn on when the engine gets hot, that might be your answer. Check with a mechanic to help you reroute the relay. Good Luck!

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