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i have the same truck and same code , it seems that there is a problem with the egr vsv electrical valve connected to the egr and it's not the modulator valve the one that looks similar to the egr but plastic this one has two hoses to it and an electrical connector

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โˆ™ 2006-12-21 05:06:54
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Q: Why is my 96 previa Check Engine Light on with a p0401 egr flow insufficient detected code when the fuel level is low Is it possible the code is wrong The CEL is on due to the fuel cap is old or leak?
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Does a Toyota Previa 2.4L engine have a timing belt?

2.4 Previa has a timing Chain.

What is code po401 on a Toyota Previa mean?

exhaust gas recirculation flow insuffcent detected

What size engine is in 1991 Toyota Previa?

it has a 2.4li engine size for gasoline

Does the 1995 previa have a timing belt?

No , the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine in a 1995 Toyota Previa has a timing CHAIN

Which oil is used for 1996 Toyota Previa?

If the question is in reference to engine oil then according to the user manual on my 95 previa it is 10w 30.

Does the Toyota Previa 2.438GL automatic 1992 petrol have a cambelt or chain?

almost all engine's in toyota Previa 2,4 l have timing chains .

Where is oil drain plug on Toyota Previa?

Bottom of the engine on the oil pan.

Reset engine light on a Toyota Previa?

Remove the engine fuse for 10 seconds and put them back simple

When to change timing belt on a 2004 Toyota Previa 2litre D4D?

Your Toyota Previa has a chain and not a belt the should last the life of the engine and does not normally need replacing.

Is there another name for the coolant sensor on a Toyota Previa?

engine coolant temp sensor.

Where is the knock sensor on a previa 91?

Knock Sensor On your 1992 Toyota Truck Previa 2WD (2.4L FI DOHC), the Knock Sensor is located: Front seating area, center, under engine cover, passenger side of engine, under intake manifold, mounted in engine block

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