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maybe the switch is broken or the fuse/relay has gone??

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Q: Why is my Heated rear window not working?
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How do you know if a power window is heated?

The only window that is heated in any car is the rear window. As far as I know ther's no such thing as a power heated window

Chevy Impala drivers side heated mirror is broke will that cause the rear window defrogger to quit working?

It's very possible as the heated mirrors and the rear defogger are tied together.

Rear heated window not working what could be wrong with it?

Blown fuse or a break in the wiring. There are kits to repair that type break.

Where is antenna on Honda Civic?

i believe it is in the heated rear window

How do you repair rear window in Skoda octavia?

window heater not working

Where is the button for the side mirror defrosters on a dodge caravan?

If your van is equipped with heated mirrors, the same switch that turns on the rear window defroster turns them on.If your van is equipped with heated mirrors, the same switch that turns on the rear window defroster turns them on.

What if the brake light in the rear window is working but the brake lights on the rear of the car are not working?

Bulbs blown, or corroded sockets.

Vw golf heated rear window fault?

if the switch lights up then check to see if the metal connectors and strips on the rear window are ok if they are then i would say the rear screen relay is broken.

What is heated glass on passenger mirror?

The heated, outside rear-view mirrors will warm up when the rear window defroster is turned on. That provides for effective snow & ice melting from the mirrors.

Indicators on clio keep blowing fuses and when you put heated rear window on indicators work without fuse in place?

Dead short to ground in circuit When you turn heated rear window on - circuit is backfeeding and finding ground at shorted circuit

What if only one window works side rear window 1993 ford explorer?

Then you only have one working window out of four.

Has anyone had the rear window of a new Malibu just explode out we opened and closed the trunk and then the rear window blew into a million bits of safety glass?

It was not a new Malibu, but new to us, the rear defrost over heated (in the summer) and blew my window into a million tiny pieces.

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