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Why is my Heated rear window not working?

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maybe the switch is broken or the fuse/relay has gone??

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The only window that is heated in any car is the rear window. As far as I know ther's no such thing as a power heated window

It's very possible as the heated mirrors and the rear defogger are tied together.

Blown fuse or a break in the wiring. There are kits to repair that type break.

i believe it is in the heated rear window

If your van is equipped with heated mirrors, the same switch that turns on the rear window defroster turns them on.If your van is equipped with heated mirrors, the same switch that turns on the rear window defroster turns them on.

Most heated mirrors turn on along with the rear window defrost switch.

if the switch lights up then check to see if the metal connectors and strips on the rear window are ok if they are then i would say the rear screen relay is broken.

Dead short to ground in circuit When you turn heated rear window on - circuit is backfeeding and finding ground at shorted circuit

The heated, outside rear-view mirrors will warm up when the rear window defroster is turned on. That provides for effective snow & ice melting from the mirrors.

Then you only have one working window out of four.

It was not a new Malibu, but new to us, the rear defrost over heated (in the summer) and blew my window into a million tiny pieces.

They should turn on when you turn on the rear window defrost.

According to "Relay Locations" in the Bentley manual, the heated rear window time delay relay is located behind the right side of the center console.

What vehicle are you working on? Year, make, model??

There are currently no heated window shades available.

Not sure of the actual intent but in the S10 Blazers the power heated mirrors are turned on with the same switch that turns on the rear window defogger

It is on the rear screen it looks like the heated rear window element, the top 3 are the antenna

To fix a rear power window on a 1999 Saab, the door panel will have to be removed to gain access to the power window motor. If the window is not working properly, it is either the motor or the cable.

IT SOUNDS LIKE ITS THE REAR WINDOW DEMISTER (HEATER) you wont notice it working unless your rear window is fogged up or icy. CMK

Either a break in power to the rear (i.e. fuse, relay, cut wire etc) or check the contacts on the rear window. They are prone to dislodge where they connect to the window.

The heated mirrors are activated with the rear window defroster - according to the Owners Manual.See "Related Questions" below for more

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