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Why is my Honda ct 110 stuck in neutral?

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there is a selector fork inside clutch cover that will eventually wear causing it to select a false neutral . You can inspect with out draing oil by leaning bike over clutch cover up and using ratchet tie down s to hold on angle , the replacemnet part is only about $10 avalable from Pro Honda in Brisbane at Rocklea or if ur near by they can do the repair in about 15 mins and cost is about $25 much easier and cleaner :)

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What is the points gap Honda ct 110 1981?

20 thousandths,.020 on a feeler gauge.

Will a 1980 ct 110 honda trail motor fit a 1975 atc 90?

i put a ct 70 motor in a atc 90. the ct 90\110 motors a vary similar so it should work just fine but i had to change the intake to the atc 90\110 intake. good luck

Fuel to air mixture for a Honda ct 110?

Try 1.5 turns out on the mixture screw for an initial setting.

Honda 1980 ct 110 oil?

this site has some options down the page

Can i change ct 110 fuel tank?


Why does your 86 Honda CT 110 conk out after 4 miles and wont restart till it cools off?

because it is an trial bike and these bikes need to be cool down after a long distance.

How do you connect earth fault relay?

An artificial neutral is crated in the CT of the line to be protected (for transmission lines) a CT is fixed in the neutral of the CT. if there is any imbalance in the 3 phase current then the relay will develop a difference in neutral.that can be sensed by the CT,then gives the trip command to relay

Where is there a Honda car dealership in Greenwhich, CT?

According to, it is Greenwich Honda 289 Mason Street Greenwich, CT 06830-6645 (203) 622-0600

What is the best motorbike for camping?

The all famous Honda CT 70

How do you adjust the centre stand on a Honda CT-110 to stop it rubbing on the chain?

seems to me that is held up with a spring, yours must need to be replaced n0rt there is a rubber sunbber that ( limits ) the distance the swing-arm can travel uppwards .

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What is the function of neutral CT?

A CT is a current transformer, used to measure current flow in a conductor. Neutral is power return, usually grounded at the distribution panel. A neutral CT, then, is a device that measures the current flow in the neutral conductor. In a three phase star system, each phase returns current to neutral, but the three phases cancel each other out, resulting in effectively zero current in neutral. The neutral CT is used to detect an imbalance in the system, perhaps caused by a ground fault or by some failure in one of the phase loads. In a single phase, single ended system, there is current on neutral, so the value of a neutral CT is not so great. If you also had a hot CT, you could compare and detect imbalance between hot and neutral, which would be an indication of a ground fault. (Actually, a ground fault current interrupting device, also called a GFCI, usually compares current in hot and neutral simultaneously, because both conductors are wound together as the sensing transformer primary - any perceived current is a ground fault.) In a single phase, double ended system, such as the 120/240 split phase system used in the US, a current CT could indicate ground fault or a system imbalance but, usually, imbalance might be a normal situation as various loads are turned on and off.

Do you need registration for a Honda ruckus in CT?

no its 49cc you just need a drivers lic

What is the difference between current transformer and neutral current transformer?

Current transformer is measured a positive current flow. we used in neutral ct for measure the unbalance load

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Where are some of the places that one can find selling a Honda CT?

One can sell a Honda CT online on ebay in the Motors section or on Auto Trader. One can also consider putting it in for part exchange to another garage and pay the surplus against a new car.

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What is the different between current transformer and neutral current transformer?

There is no read difference between the two, although a neutral CT is wired in the reverse polarity to cancel out currents crated by the secondary phase CTs. Check out this article for more information on CTs:

On a Honda 1981 CT 110 How do you unblock the 38 slow idle jet My smallest tip cleaner is too big?

Use one of the wires from a wire brush. Use one that is slightly smaller than the opening. May have to work from both sides of the jet. Be careful not to enlarge the jet.

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How do you remove cam cover on a Honda ct 70?

How to remove the timing chain cover on a honda ct 70 trailbike on the opposit side of the head there is a small 10mm bolt right above the spark plug turn it counterclockwise and the cap on the opposite side should fall off (be carfull to watch for oil driping out behind it)

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