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Why is my Pool sand filter pressure to high on filter mode?


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when the pressure is high on filter mode it usually means that a backwash is required.


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There wont be any dirt under the sand. When you vacuum your pool you should do it on filter mode Otherwise you will lose a lot of water for nothing, this would be especially wasteful in the case of a salt water pool. Ofter having vacuumed the pool on filter mode and if the pressure gets too high backwash. after backwash rinse for a minute, then return to filter.

If the pump is working, then you should have pressure. Low or no pressure usually means that the gauge itself needs to be replaced. High pressure usually means the filter is clogged with debris and needs to be backwashed (if Sand or DE) or the Cartridge cleaned.

Backwash valve is leaking by. More than likely it is a bad oring inside the valve. Or it was not place back into recirc mode completely. or you may have a leak on the return side of the filter. That includes all the plumbing from the filter or heater to the pool. The back wash valve may be obvious if the waste line ends close by. The back wash valve should be placed in the "filter" mode not the "recirculation" mode. K

Filter-Basically the "normal" setting for your pump. Circulates water from pool to filter and back out again. Backwash-Your filter forms thousand of cages in which suspended particles passing through are caught. When these cages become saturated with dirt the filter must be clean through backwash and the dirt sent out. The pressure gague gives an indication of the pressure accumulated in the filter. Rinse-After backwashing a "rinse" operation is recommended before the filtration mode is restarted to ensure that no dirty water is returned to the pool. Recirculation- In this option the water from the pump will return straight to the pool without going through the filter. Rinse cycle is used to create greater circulation when adding chemicals during periods. Closed-As the name suggests, this closes off the entry of water to the filter and is most normally used when access to the pump pre-filter basket is required. Remember to always stop the pump before changing between any of these positions.

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Go to building mode, pool, then the pool

if your transmission has a modulator valve check the vacuum line to see if cracked if not change the valve if no valve change fluid filter and gasket that might do the trick

Go to Build Mode and click Create Pool.

The sand could be sand from your filter. If you have aDE filter the screen could be misaligned. If you look and see if any water is coming out the backwash port while in filter mode the valve is bypassing. Does the pressure build up when you don't backwash for awhile? You might have a lateral broken inside the filter.

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You can back wash to waste only if you have that type of back wash valve that will do just that. If that is what you mean. If you mean, vacuuming the dust, sand, bugs, leaves and other small stuff, then you use a pool vacuum and vacuum hose either in the "filter" mode or the "vac to waste" mode. Please state just what you wish to do. K

Play pool adventure mode or play survial pool ... I think

No this has waterin it when it is in backwash mode and rinse mode otherwise it is empty.

go to build mode, and you will see a graphic of a pool. Click it! Then you click and drag where you want the pool to be

Use the type of vacuum that connects to a garden hose (got mine at walmart for about $17). The bag provided isn't enough (pressure forces dirt though it and back into water). Make two more bags- large and medium like one that comes with vaccum out of interfacing material (I think it's called Pellon- looks like my cartridge filter is made of the same stuff). Overlap the bags on the vacuum smallest to largest. Air pockets will cause it to lose suction. Just squeeze bag when that happens (not in the pool water). I've had a cloudy (above ground) pool for months and this is the only thing that has worked. You won't believe what will be in that third bag. My filter never caught that stuff. Your filter is damaged internally and needs repair if it is a DE filter. A sand filter will pass the finer stuff back to the pool. A hand full of DE added to the skimmer prior to vacing of pool will help some. Don't understand how you could tolerate a pool that was like the above for months. Sand filters should have the ability to switch to "vac to waste" mode. You are not going to get the mud off the bottom of the pool until you replace your damaged DE filter grids k

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YOu probably need to release air pressure or backwash. The pressure builds up because the flow is inhibited. Is the return weaker than normal? It is usually sediment on top of the sand that is impeding the water flow and backwashing will push the water up through the sand and out to waste. this will clear the sand and allow water to flow better. Good Luck This does not indicate what type of filter you are using. The above answer assumed a sand filter, so I will address a DE filter. Pressure will build up in a DE filter when the grids inside the filter itself need to be cleaned. This should be done on an annual basis, but sometimes needs to be done more frequently. For example, when I used flock (an additive that causes small particles to clump together and sink to the bottom where they can be more easily vacuumed), this caused my grids to be clogged. (Note that the lesson I learned here was to use liquid flock not powder). Another way to reduce pressure is to add more DE. To do this, backwash your filter until the water is completely clear. Turn the pump valve back to filter mode and turn the pump back on. Pressure should be low at this time. Begin adding DE through the skimmer. I usually use 2-3 scoops (my scoop is about size of a small coffee can). Pressure may still rise a bit from when you first turned the pump back on, but it should stay lower than before you added the DE.

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