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Why is my coolant overflowing in tank?


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Have you checked the cars thermostat?


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Why is Coolant overflowing from the cooling tank at times and drains down into the left rear well?

septic tank is overflowing, what should i do to prevent this matter.

Oil in the coolant tank indicates a head gasket leak.

sounds like you have a blown head gasket

As the engine coolant heats up, the coolant expands, so the coolant needs a reservoir or expansion tank to flow in and out of as needed.

Most likely because you have added to much coolant when it was cold.

The rad. coolant tank is located on the driver's side fender area.

This is one small problem with this generation Cougar, is that many of the low coolant sensors give false readings, saying that the tank is low when it is in fact, at the MAX line. To correct this, you can safely add coolant about .5"-1" above the MAX line without the reservoir overflowing when the engine get's hot.

check hoses coming from coolant tank by sqeezing may be worn

Just pour it into the coolant tank. Don't overfill, use 50% water and get an extra 15lb coolant tank cap.

Coolant is getting into the ATF possibly through a hole in the oil cooler

There is a coolant level sensor in the bottom of the coolant tank. If the tank has enough coolant, then the sensor is bad. You can buy a new tank for about $50 ( or Autozone) and replace it in an hour or so. Or just disconnect the cable from the sensor and check your coolant level on a regular basis.

Check coolant level in coolant recovery tank and radiator

Radiator full and coolant recovery tank filled to mark Radiator full and coolant recovery tank filled to mark

The overflow tank for coolant will "boil" if there is air getting in the coolant chamber. This can be a head gasket going bad.

Its on the bottom of the coolant tank or inside the tank they cost like 50 or 60 bucks.

Coolant is added to a 1996 Hyundai Sonata by opening the coolant overflow tank and adding coolant until the full mark is reached. This allows the cooling system to pull in coolant as needed from the reserve tank.

What exactly is overflowing? this can range from a blocked toilet to a faulty washer

Low coolant in coolant recovery tank or radiator or defective sensor

only if the stream is 'overflowing' then you can say that its overflowing if not then don't say its 'overflowing'

It is possible for a 1989 Jeep to leak coolant from the surge tank if the vehicle is overheating. It is also possible that the surge tank has a crack in it.

Check coolant level in recovery tank Perhaps a bad sensor. Sensor located in coolant recovery tank

It's connected to the coolant tank. Mine was worked on by a previous owner, and isn't working, so the coolant warning is always on. Look for a wire coming from the tank.

When all the coolant in the radiator and coolant tank heats up the volume will increase and force it's way through the weakest point which would probbaly be the cap on the recovery tank - if you have filled the recovery tank to the maximum you had better take half of it out.

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