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Maybe your female betta is a lesbian lol

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Female Betta fish do not make bubble nests.

No, the male betta makes the bubble nest the female gives the eggs.

The Patron Saint Index lists no female patron of dancing or dancers.

They can come either as male or female.

No, only the male takes part in building a bubble nest.

i have a male betta who is interested in my female, he has mad bubble nest to mate with her. the only problem is how do i get my female interested in him, she is just running away, not even following him or anything :( he has already stop fighting her, so they are just chilling now. Answer below | v

Because he can, and he wants to be ready in case an amenable female does come swimming by.

There is no female patron saint of running. Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of all athletics.

the female will get fat then they will mate

a healthy sized rump, usually of a female, also referred to as a booty.

male bettas may start making a bubble nest at any time, however they are much more likely to do so if they are in a tank with or very close to a female betta. It also depends on the individual fish. some bettas won't start making a bubble nest until after the female has laid eggs, others will build and maintain a bubble nest weeks before the female lays eggs. Some male bettas will build a bubble nest along the edge of a bowl, but they tend to do more if they have a plant or something else for the nest to stick to.

It is based off of The "weeping willow" / Liquid dancing.

Perhaps it thinks your not watching ...

As soon as the male has put all the eggs in the bubble nest.

running 16 yo female 100bpm on up deoending on level of exertion

Hey there, It all depends on the male. Basically what happens is that. The male with show off to the female and so forth and fertalise the eggs inside her... then a little while later she will pop one egg out at a time and he will catch it in his mouth, swim up to the top of the water and place it in his bubble nest he made. This repeats until there are no more eggs. Keep watching the bubble nest up top. If u cant see little developing eggs in a few weeks its probably time to get another female. Hope this helps. catch! :oD

Sara Evans was on the show in the Fall of 2006.

You put them together when the female is full of eggs, and when the male builds a bubble nest.

When the male builds a bubble nest and the female is well conditioned, then it is time for breeding.

They do not make bubble nests but are capable of making bubbles as are all Anabantids.

it looks like they have a big bubble in their side

Place a female in close proximity where he can see her.

idk what that is, but you should probably take her to a vet, it might be an infection

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